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HugoFox.com - The easy way to ‘keep it local’

HugoFox.com was first established in 2010 by businessman Michael Thompson. Following the expansion of his Hampshire-based precision engineering company, Michael created several new vacancies at his firm and felt strongly about recruiting local, hard-working people to fill those roles. He didn’t want his employees to have to travel miles to come to work; he believed in a good quality of life for his team (and sitting in a traffic jam on Monday morning is no fun for anyone).

Michael wanted to provide more opportunities to individuals living in the area at a time when jobs are scarce. He also wanted to extend the ‘community’ feel of his workforce which he had endeavoured to create through initiatives such as employing an in-house chef and sourcing produce from local growers so that his whole team could eat their midday meal together. It’s this kind of thinking that laid the foundations of HugoFox.com.

On his search for new employees, Michael realised the expense and difficulty in sourcing local staff. What he needed was an affordable and easy-to-use website which would be searched by people based in his area, with control at the touch of a button (and without the huge agency fees). And so HugoFox.com was born, as a free and effective way for locals to find jobs.

Did you know?

That HugoFox.com was named after one of Michael’s sons (aged 7)!

Before long, the phrase ‘keeping it local’ caught the imagination of everyone involved in the launch of the website. With transportation costs on the up and more people searching for work in their areas, plus the glut of individuals escaping from the cities and working from home, and a restoration of interest from people wishing to buy from local shops and producers, the demand for site with its heart in the community expanded Michael’s horizons.

Now, two years on and with a team who are equally passionate about locals ‘keeping it local’, HugoFox.com is providing a valuable service to thousands. Through our regularly updated webpages, you’ll find events near you, details of local services and businesses on your doorstep, cars for sale in your area and jobs which are just a hop, skip and a leap away. More and more people are listing with us – but despite the success of our furry friend, we have stayed true to our roots, which include:

  • No banner ads
  • No pop-ups
  • No sponsored links

We believe in giving back to our communities. As such, we sponsor dozens of local adult and youth sports teams, as well as backing many charities and individual fundraisers, national awareness events and school projects. With Michael’s sons both having received treatment for eye conditions courtesy of the Dyslexia Research Trust based in Reading, he has put his all into supporting the trust and raising awareness of the importance of the work they do. The development of HugoFox.com has opened our eyes to the worthwhile local causes in need of our support, as well as the incredible individuals doing amazing things in order for them to continue the good work.

We use our fabulous News site to draw attention to stories and events on large or small scale which are happening near you – and the best bit? People don’t need a big budget to use HugoFox.com. For businesses: we’re affordable; for not-for-profit organisations: we’re free and what’s more, we really are here to help.

Just one of many News pieces by HugoFox News, with a thank you which followed.

Thank you for the superb write-up you gave us. We had the best Open Day ever, a record number of people through the gate and we took over £3000 towards the running costs for the season. I'd like to think this was due, in part, to people reading your article and being prompted to visit us.

Thank you once again,

Geoff Bailey
Publicity Officer
Twyford Waterworks Trust

HugoFox.com has grown beyond our dreams, now rolling out to communities across the UK. Although our website has continued to expand and evolve, we remain the clean, easy-to-use and clutter-free website upon which we based our first designs.

We will in the future have a fantastic sports site which will provide a facility for all linked teams to display their latest results, pictures and news without banner adverts vying for attention.

We also have a News site devoted to raising awareness of stories affecting our communities, as well as opinion pieces, foodie columns, fascinating life stories and we like to have the odd giggle too (doesn’t everyone?) - which is why we keep our stories upbeat, positive and original. HugoFox.com and its associated sites are continually updated, grabbing the attention of the big search engines and directing people to the articles, listings and companies which really matter - which are really relevant - wherever they may be.

For anyone who loves the local things in life, HugoFox.com provides a way of linking up with what’s in your area. Whoever you are, whatever you’re looking for, make yourself a nice cup of tea (grab a biscuit too) and let your HugoFox do the hunting.

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