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Arabella Ross

A passion for colour.

By Arabella Ross Arabella Ross

Monday, 5 September 2016


Arabella Ross Contributor


Arabella Ross:  A passion for colour.

Oil paintings on canvas and mixed media printed collages on paper.

The paintings and collages in this exhibition form a visual narrative.  My inspiration derives from looking, drawing and thinking about colour in my garden; remembered images of an evoked landscape made up of multiple sensations; expectation, frustration, hopefulness and fulfilment.

Important themes: Abstraction and fluidity in thought processes that create inspiration and expression. Images of water as a metaphor with it’s movement and fluidity. Mercurial light, turbulence, luminosity, depth and stillness, a churning stillness like that of the sea.

Creativity has always been a very powerful source of energy that is integral and essential to my life. It is the driving force in my work where the search for identity and metaphor come into play. The symbolic nature of colour, marks and the process of making work itself is always relevant in the search for identity. I am working within an existing painterly language and using it to explore personal territory.






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