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Arabella Ross

Ceramics. Hermit shelters and dwellings.

By Arabella Ross Arabella Ross

Monday, 1 May 2017


Arabella Ross Contributor


My interest is in the material experimentation with clay, the hands on approach and how the processes and qualities of clay can be embedded and used as a platform for narritive expression.  Through ceramics I am exploring ways to develop a visual language that speaks metaphorically and of transformation.  Hermit shelters, huts, dwellings and shrines are home to the imagination, and as such are "nests for dreaming".  The drawings in clay through monoprinting, textures and spatial form tell a story and form part of my narritive. The discovery of drawing has been pivotal to the development of my work, as has the development of glaze technology and the chemical reactions that take place within the furnace. This too is a quest for transformation through play and expansion of knowledge of chemistry and raw materials. 

My fascination with the concept of "home" and the "elements" is what happens to such simple structures in earthquakes, storms, gales and downpours, these structures become shrines in their strength to shelter and remain standing.  The ceramic forms, drawings, colours and clay textures of the huts and larger architectural sculptures play on notions of dwelling and universe, of intimacy and immensity.


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