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Arabella Ross

Crowdfunding at Whitchurch Silk Mill.

By Arabella Ross Arabella Ross

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


I am a practising Ceramic artist and a Painter. My Postgraduate Degree was in Fine Art. I paint on canvas and clay drawing both figuratively and making abstract collages using paint and torn mono-printed paper. I enjoy using colour with slips, under glazes and oxides. Drawing, making marks and painting on clay are not dissimilar to drawing with pencil and painting on paper. I aim to bring together these two processes to create abstract and functional ceramics that people enjoy.


I recently went along to a Crowdfunding meeting at Whitchurch Silk Mill in Hampshire.  
Here the founder Andrew Monk of ioLight gave a talk about his recently developed portable microscope, with a resolution of better than 1μm, which produces beautiful pictures of animal and plant cells and displays them directly onto your tablet or mobile phone. 

Recent developments in smart phone and tablet technology made them serious tools that can be used for professional quality applications. This microscope is one of the first of its kind in the UK.

A number of issues concerning crowdfunding applications were discussed.
Crowd funding takes 8 to 10 weeks to prepare before going online even if you have most things ready beforehand. 
The main reasons for this is that it is highly regulated with all claims having to be substantiated.  
There are very high propriety tests with 85% getting disqualified.  However In the range up to £300k the remaining 15% of every offer that goes up receives full crowdfunding.

The Whitchurch Silk Mill have just been allocated a lottery award which is fantastic for Whitchurch, The Museum and for the volunteers who work to help keep the the Mill operational every day.

The trustees were looking for local artists to exhibit next year.  It was exciting when one of the committee told me they had found my work via my website. I am planning to exhibit my ceramics, collages and oil paintings.


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Arabella Ross

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