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Arabella Ross

Naughty Box

By Arabella Ross Arabella Ross

Monday, 11 July 2016


Arabella Ross: I am currently studying at the City Lit Institute doing a part-time Ceramics Diploma which will culminate in a group exhibition at The Business Design Centre in Islington 2017. My background has been one focused on painting ( Masters Degree Chelsea School of Art ) printmaking & gilding. I am enjoying the new skills I am acquiring on my course. We receive such excellent tuition at the City Lit in Covent Garden.


My journey begins with a lump of clay and my passion for learning. 
I am interested in light, metaphorical and real, layers of imagery, meanings of containment within a form and colour.

“Naughty Box” is the first piece I made where I began to incorporate my pencil drawings into my clay-work.  These are a series of drawings I made which celebrate life, creativity, passion and unrequited love.  They derive from a “well of  inspiration” where drawing, writing and creativity become fused in the pursuit of transformation. 

The drawings in clay tell a story and form part of my narrative. Creativity is alchemical.  Used as expression and technical skill, I can embed memories into the clay as well as sourcing and accessing the history of Art. 

By imbuing the images with references and meaning I can bring the clay into the present and make my own.  This discovery has been pivotal in the development of my work.  The ultimate quest is to bring together sculpture, glaze technology, painting and drawing.   

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