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Came & Company


At Came & Company, we operate a rapid claims service, getting appropriate help to you quickly in order to minimise the impact on your council.

We know that most insurers will settle material damage claims of up to £2,500 without question or even a second thought – it’s not worth their while fighting them. That is not the main reason you deal with Came & Company. The main reason you deal with us is so that when your council is faced with a large, complicated claim that threatens the council’s financial stability or that of its councillors or employees, we will interpret the policy, fight your corner and steer you through the process until the claim has been concluded.

During these harsh economic times, insurance companies are undoubtedly becoming stricter in settling council claims. Combine this with an increase in the amount of fraud being committed, and there has never been a more pressing argument for local councils to be dealing with a specialist insurance broker who understands this sector; has significant clout with its chosen insurers; and is able to provide an expert council insurance claims handling service regardless of complexity.

When a customer contacts us, they have one claims department and a single point of contact who will deal with their claim from start to finish. If the council deals directly with their insurer, they may have to deal with over ten different types of claims department and, accordingly, many different claims handlers – yet another time-consuming job for the clerk.

Our expert claims manager will arrange for rapid replacement of any stolen/damaged goods and equipment, and set in motion any other steps that may be required in order to resolve your claim in the quickest way possible. There is no need for you to spend time filling in forms and being passed from pillar to post; you will be free to concentrate on your council.

Making claims with us 

Whether you have found yourself in the unfortunate situation whereby you need to make a claim or you simply require advice, please contact our Claims Manager, Nick Long on 01256 395 020, and he will be happy to assist you.

If it is out of office hours and an emergency, both Aviva and Hiscox operate emergency claims lines, which are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will need to provide your policy number and full details of the claim, including the date, amount and circumstances of the loss.

Aviva claims line – 0500 114 477 Hiscox claims line – 0845 213 8899