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Came & Company

Why Choose a Broker?

When it comes to making sense of policy terms and conditions, changing your cover or even making a claim, it is vital to have a team of specialist local council insurance brokers on your side.

We know the insurers we recommend, we understand their policy terms and conditions and we know how their administration and claims processes work. We can advise you on your responsibilities, check and explain documentation, arrange alterations to your cover, help you to make a claim, chase the progress of your claim and, when appropriate, act on your behalf should a dispute arise with the insurer. 

With Came & Company, all these services are included in your annual premium. So this year, if your council is offered cheaper insurance directly by an insurance company, please remember everything we do for you before you buy what appears to be a cheaper alternative.

Our knowledgeable, professional and motivated council insurance brokers are dedicated to providing the highest possible levels of advice, assistance and service. As Eric Galbraith, ex-Chief Executive of the British Insurance Brokers Association said recently: 

Brokers not only provide risk management and insurance advice but create a competitive market by accessing a variety of Insurers. Local Councils are complex organisations and they should utilise the services of a Broker to obtain the correct risk management and insurance programme from the whole market.

Since we set the standard in 2008, with our bespoke Aviva-underwritten policy, other insurers have, in some cases, improved their cover; and even, suddenly, reduced their premiums. With the advent of internet search engines, picking the cheapest insurance cover has never been easier; yet picking the right insurance cover is much less straightforward. Frankly, it doesn’t matter how cheap a policy might be: if it doesn’t give you the cover you need when you need it, it could prove to be an expensive mistake.

Please ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you reviewed your local council insurance recently?
  • Can your council premium go down if you do not claim?
  • Does your clerk have a good relationship with your current insurer?
  • Does your clerk find it easy to make changes to your current policy?
  • Does your current policy provide all the necessary covers?
  • Does your insurance broker provide you with proactive, relevant advice and solutions to everyday insurance issues encountered by local councils?
  • Have you ever had a visit from your insurance company to discuss your requirements?

If your answer to any of these questions is “no”, allow Came & Company to quote for your council insurance at renewal. By choosing our expert council insurance brokers now, you can be sure of getting the right cover – at the right price.