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Castle Document Management


Castle Document Management has been one of the foremost Document Management providers and service bureaux in the South of England since its inception in 1978.

Whilst many similar organisations have been absorbed into larger, more anonymous conglomerates, Castle has remained independent since its formation. Several of the current supervisory staff were amongst our first employees, giving us a reliable, and a consistency of approach which has been carried through to the present day.

Castle currently processes in excess of one million documents each month, all output being personally supervised by a Director.

We have had an electronic imaging capacity since 1995, and all our out today is mostly in form of electronic databases. However, we still retain a comprehensive microfilm and fiche production facility, and we have the ability to print back to full size from all 16mm and 35mm microfilm formats.

For clients wishing to use distributed Document Management. Our website www.castlehosting.co.uk is dedicated to providing instant online search and retrieval facility’s, providing means to view and download scanned documentation from anywhere in the world 24/7. Also a new licence free unique Smartsearch solution has been launched enabling clients to perfectly fulfil their needs.