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Castle Document Management

Microfilm Production Services

Castle is one of the few document management companies that maintains a full microfilm and microfiche production capability.

Documentation up to A3 size can be recorded on 16mm roll film with an index for ease of retrieval. In addition, the rolls can be loaded into self-threading cartridges to further automate the process. Up to 2,500 document images can be stored on one 100mm square container. Alternatively, up to 60 documents can be recorded on a microfiche for ease of handling.

Larger format documents can be stored on 35mm roll film, although it is more common to have each 35mm frame mounted in its own aperture card, identified with an appropriate index, for example drawing number. In each case, Castle can provide diazo duplicate copies as necessary.

Castle can supply equipment for viewing and printing from all microfilm formats. For those users with a low printing requirement, we can print back to full size from A4 to A0 on paper or polyester film.