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1. Focus on Feedback - We are always interested in what you think.  You can provide optional feedback on any piece of work completed by any member of our staff.

​​2. Complete Accountability - Your problem is our problem.  You can escalate any issue at any time, all the way to the Managing Director- even if its the most basic of problems (Your space bar is stuck)

​​3. Regular Reviews - We want to keep getting better.  Every six months we survey every client to ensure a high level of satisfaction with our services and to seek ideas to continually improve.. 

​​4. Total Transparency - Our on-line help desk environment provides complete information on how efficiently we are supporting you. You can see how quickly we are answering calls, how long work is taking to complete, and the cost of services managed so far.

​​5. Detailed Invoicing - In our experience, clients are much happier when they know what they are paying for.  Our invoices list every piece of work completed, how long it took, the engineer who completed the work and when.  This helps you gain a real insight into the return on investment of using our services.