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DISConsulting IT Ltd.

Cloud and Hosted Computing

In the past small businesses used programs installed on PC's and servers installed in an office. Now, Companies have found a much better way of providing IT to users using the internet ("The Cloud").

Cloud Computing providers like DISConsulting host IT solutions in professionally managed facilities. You can then connect to your "IT infrastructure" using the internet, instead of buying, installing and running your own hardware and software.

All you need to run your business using "the cloud" is a PC or MAC and an internet connection. It really is that easy!

Why "Cloud" Computing - the top 4 reasons:-  

  1. Save Money:- you won't waste money buying or upgrading hardware/software and paying for server breakdowns. 
  2. Freedom:- you are free to access your data from anywhere and there's no restriction on which programs you can run.   
  3. Save Time:- there's no more frustration or time lost waiting for IT problems and glitches to be fixed.
  4. Peace of Mind:- enjoy the comfort of complete protection from unwanted surprises that could slow you up or even shut down your business, sometimes for good.