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1. Flexible Pricing - Some clients opt for an All Inclusive contract, in which monthly fees are fixed which reduces financial risk and provides predictable cash-flow. Others opt for Variable Rate agreements, where fees vary according to demand and usage. Overall, we aim to offer flexibility to suit all budgets.

​​2. Unrivalled Customer Service - Our job is to do the best job for you, and that is why the feedback from our customers is so important to us.

​​3. Unparrelled accountability and insight - Good relationships rely on clear accountability.  Our online helpdesk ensures that you never feel out of teh loop or out of control.

​​4. Skills Matching - Working with the right people produces superior results. We always make sure that you always get the best person for the job.

​​5. Proactive Management - You can only get better if you understand your weaknesses.  That's why we spend so much time assessing your requirements, producing an audit of the software and infrastructure, which helps you make more informed decisions about upgrades, licensing and security. 

​​6. Open, flexible attitude - We love to listen.  Our instant feedback policy, means that when you ahve something to say, good or bad, we always hear it.  That superior responiveness is one of the key reasons our clients say they love wokring us.