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Spray tan advise and aftercare

To ensure you achieve the best outcome and most 'wear' from your spray tan, it is strongly advised that you follow these simple instructions. They make the world of difference!  Upon arrival, many dust sheets are laid down to cover carpet, furniture etc. It is best to be set up in either a living room, kitchen or conservatory. The equipment takes around 10 minutes to put into place, including a rather large tent cubicle. The tan itself takes around 20 minutes. Paper hats and knickers are provided, although clients are usually a little more comfortable in an old pair of undies! Spray tans are offered to male clients also, but a women will need to be present.

The tan solution used is TanTruth. It gives a nice colour and fades nicely. A skin patch test is advised prior to treatment.

  • The night before spray tan, shave and exfoliate.
  • Just before spray tan, remove make-up, shower using JUST water, NO shower gel. Do NOT moisturise. Spray tan will not adhere to moisturised skin.  They work like a barrier. Shower off all perfume and deodorant. If you leave them on, the spray will make you turn green!
  • After the spray tan, put on loose clothing and try NOT to touch your skin. The spray does not always dry completely on the skin therefore, if you touch you will end up with brown palms.
  • Sleep on old sheets or towels. If the tan does go on clothes or bed sheets, it should wash straight out, unless you have satin or silk sheets.
  • Whilst in bed, try not to touch your skin. If possible, sleep with your arms on top of your duvet.  Thus reducing the chances of waking up with lines, or brown palms!
  • The following morning, pop in the shower and wash the spray off. DO NOT use a body polisher (buff puff, scrunchie) sponge or exfoliator.  Just use clean water. Keep washing off until the water runs clear.
  • To keep your tan looking good and make it last as long as possible, just use shower gel in the shower with your hand, no body polisher etc.
  • Apply moisturiser every day.

Contra-indications that prevent the treatment from being carried out

  • First Trimester of pregnancy.
  • Skin diseases and disorders.
  • Open cuts and wounds.

Contra-indications that may restrict treatment

  • Eczema and psoriasis - can be covered by barrier cream, if not open and weeping.
  • HRT and IVF can interfere with the result of a tan. This may also be applicable during menstrual cycle (those pesky hormones!!).
  • Acne can appear darker after a tan and may aggravate serious acnaic conditions.
  • Diabetics can have a tan as long as they are following their recommended treatments and have no open cuts.
  • Asthma - consult with your doctor prior to having a tan, but usually it is fine if it is under control with medication.
  • Allergy to DHA or sensitive skin – a patch test can be applied 24 hours prior to treatment.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Spray tan advise and aftercare, New Life Beauty