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SELECT CUS_ID, CP_ID, minCPC_ID, CUS_Name, CUS_LastUpdated, CUS_ExactLocationID, CUS_RandomKey, CPC_ID, CPCT_Content As Summary, Distance FROM (SELECT DISTINCT CUS_ID, CP_ID, MIN(cpc.CPC_ID) As minCPC_ID, CUS_Name, CUS_LastUpdated, CUS_ExactLocationID, CUS_RandomKey , CUS_LocationGeo.STDistance(geography::STGeomFromText('POINT( )', 4326))/1609.344 As Distance FROM tblCactusCustomers cus INNER JOIN tblCactusLocations ON CUS_ExactLocationID = LOC_ID INNER JOIN tblCactusCustomPages cp ON CUS_ID = CP_CustomerID AND CP_PageURL = '/about-us' AND (ISNULL(CP_Preview, 0) = 0) INNER JOIN tblCactusCustomPageContents cpc ON cpc.CP_CustomPageID = cp.CP_ID INNER JOIN tblCactusCustomPageContentTexts cpct ON cpc.CPC_ID = cpct.CPC_ID WHERE (CUS_Live = 'y' AND CUS_JobsLive = 'y' AND CUS_WebsiteLive = 'y' AND CUS_MatrixID = 3 AND CUS_IsHugoFoxAdmin <>'y') GROUP BY cus.CUS_ID, cp.CP_ID, cus.CUS_Name, cus.CUS_LastUpdated, cus.CUS_ExactLocationID, cus.CUS_RandomKey , CUS_LocationGeo.STDistance(geography::STGeomFromText('POINT( )', 4326))/1609.344 ) AS derivedtbl_3 INNER JOIN tblCactusCustomPageContentTexts ON derivedtbl_3.minCPC_ID = tblCactusCustomPageContentTexts.CPC_ID WHERE 1=1 ORDER BY Distance

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