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Abdon and Heath Parish

Wildlife Group

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Abdon Wildlife Group

Meetings 2019:

  • Wednesday 16th January 7.30pm Abdon Village Hall.
  • Wednesday 13th February 7.30pm Abdon Village Hall. 
  • Wednesday 13th March - Curlew and Lapwing Survey 2019 meeting, 7pm Abdon Village Hall. See document attached below.

18th February - Red Kites Help. If you see evidence of breeding Red Kites we would like to know, please. Contact Leo Smith email: leo@leosmith.org.uk 01694 720296. See poster attached below for details.

Wednesday 13th March 7.30pm Abdon Village Hall - Curlew and Lapwing Survey meeting.

This meeting is for those who carried out surveys last year and those who wish to carry out surveys or help by providing casual sighting records this year.

Last year we found 2 pairs of Lapwing and definitely 5 pairs, possibly 8 pairs, of Curlew with another nest found just outside our area.  This year we need to build on this and try to identify more specifically where and how many pairs are nesting in the squares where we identified them last year.  We also have casual records of at least one further nest that we did not find last year so there may be more yet to find.

There have been a number of changes from last year the main one being that we have increased the number of tetrads that we would like to survey this year so we need additional people to survey them, see attached map, Some of these had casual records of Lapwing and Curlew reported last year.

You do not need to be an experienced birdwatcher, you can carry out a survey on your own or with someone else.  It is easy and enjoyable to do and is helping the conservation effort for these amazing birds in our area.

Churchyard survey May 2016 Churchyard survey May 2016