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Acol Parish Council

November PC Meeting

The 6th Parish Council Meeting of 2017 will be held on Monday 27th November at 2 pm.

The meeting is open to all residents.

Highways Engineer to attend Parish Council Meeting

This could be a very important meeting, as Kent Highways has agreed to send a Highways Engineer to Acol on 27th November, with updates on proposals relating to our roads, and to answer questions.

Highways has made several mentions, lately, of the necessity for an extension to Columbus Avenue, which has become paramount since the excessive increase in traffic through Acol.

We have also heard that the extension has become a KCC Highways priority, so we can only hope for a satisfactory outcome in November.

It would very much assist our campaign to have as many villagers as possible in attendance. Bring your comments and questions, and let's hope for the best.

As the clocks have gone back, the meeting has reverted to 2pm, which we appreciate may be difficult, or impossible, for some. If so, please feel free to provide a note of your concerns, questions or suggestions to a Parish Councillor, who will deal with them on your behalf.

The full agenda will be published, here, when available.