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31st October 2017

Kent Police’s annual campaign to help prevent burglaries and bring offenders to justice has launched across the county.

Operation Castle runs every year and aims to highlight how residents can reduce their chances of becoming a victim of burglary.

There is typically an increase in burglaries as evenings start to become longer and people leave their homes to attend more festivities, such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas.

Countywide picture

Since a change in charging practices was announced in April 2017 there have been 721 reports of burglary residential in Kent.

A total of 4,429 burglary dwellings were reported for the year ending September 2016, a drop of around 15% compared to the previous year.

Detective Chief Inspector Jon Armory, from Kent Police, said: ‘Burglary can leave victims feeling scared and anxious long after the crime has been committed.

‘It is important to remember however that most burglaries are opportunistic and a burglar will often be put off by something as simple as leaving a light switched on.

‘Burglary is a priority for us throughout the year however we have seen historically that offending can increase as the nights get darker. That’s why we want to encourage people to take simple crime prevention steps and to reassure people that we will be continuing to focus our efforts on catching and convicting offenders.’


  • Keep keys, cash and expensive items out of view.
  • Use timer switches on lights and radios to make your home look occupied;
  • Keep gates locked and boundaries secure;
  • Lock away bikes, tools and garden items that could be stolen or used to break into your home.

You can also:

  • Security-mark items including bicycles, smartphones and laptops;
  • Keep receipts and serial numbers safe;
  • Photograph and insure expensive or unique items;
  • Install a safe, bolted to the ground or a wall, or use a safety deposit box at the bank;
  • Register important items for free at www.immobolise.com. This can help us return them to you if they are stolen and then recovered.

30th October 2017

Burglary Dwelling – Vincent Farm Mews – between 20/10 10.30 and 20/10 15.00 – watches and cash stolen via insecure rear door.


29th October 2017 - Top Safety Tips for a Safer Bonfire Night

Most people lock up when going out to a firework display - but what if you’re watching fireworks from the garden? For our top tips to keep your home and belongings safe, visit www.kent.police.uk/burglary

Make sure your loved ones and pets stay safe too. For everything you need to know about firework safety, visit ROSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) at www.saferfireworks.com

29th October 2017 - Have fun but stay safe this Halloween

Halloween can be a scary time for some. Why not let visitors know if you would rather not have callers by displaying one of our ‘no to trick or treating’ doors signs at www.kent.police.uk? You’ll be able to get our advice for older friends and family members too.

Are you going trick or treating? Make sure younger children are accompanied by an adult and only knock on doors of people they know and are expecting them.

Going to a Halloween party? An empty house could be tempting for some. For tips to help keep your home and important items safe, visit www.kent.police.uk/burglary

29th October 2017 - New Malware Alert

There has a been a new malware released called 'Bad Rabbit'. While it has mainly affected eastern European countries and Russia it is possible that it may find its way outside of that region.

It manifests itself through a Flash update that appears in a web browser.

In the event you receive anything relating to a requirement to update your Flash, do not follow the instructions.

The malware is based on previous iterations of ransomware like Petya and Wannacry all of which are based on the EternalBlue exploit which is what affected hundreds of countries and thousands of organisations in May 2017.

It is recommended you change your passwords to a strong password and employ virus protection services.

18th October - Police Advice - "WIDE"

Crime prevention -  please remember, don't leave your home in darkness if you are going out, leave a light on or use a light switch timer.  Ensure your garden is secure, lock your gates and sheds.You can put alarms on your out building/sheds/garages and they are very inexpensive.

Crime prevention – Remember the WIDE principle:

W – Window locks on every window

I Interior lights left on a timer when you are away

D Double or dead bolts fitted on doors

E Exterior lights on a sensor.

Consider installing CCTV to provide formal surveillance to the most vulnerable areas of the property.

If you have any information call Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111 or Kent Police on 101.

17th October 2017

Two people have been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and taking a vehicle without consent after a police pursuit through Thanet in the early hours of Tuesday 17 October 2017.

The pursuit began at 12.15am after a white Vauxhall Corsa failed to stop for a police patrol after driving the wrong way around a roundabout at high speed in Broadstairs.

The Corsa is reported to have sped through a number of red lights and drove at high speed through Ramsgate, Manston, Acol, Birchington and Margate, at one point driving the wrong way down the dual carriageway of the A28 Canterbury Road.

The police helicopter was deployed alongside a dog unit and police used two stingers, one on Margate Hill, Acol, and one in Manston Road, Manston.

The Corsa stopped in Priory Road, Ramsgate, just before 1am and the male driver and female front seat passenger decamped. They were arrested nearby shortly afterwards.

The 26-year-old man, from the Ramsgate area, was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, taking a vehicle without consent and possession of a controlled drug.

The 23-year-old woman, also from the Ramsgate area, was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and taking a vehicle without consent.

Both are currently in police custody.

16th October 2017

ZY/049691/17 – Burglary Commercial Premises – Alland Grange Lane – between 14/10 03.30 and 14/10 04.00 – caravan stolen from farm land using power tools.