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Adastra Bowling Club

Officers and Officials

President                                            D. Nunn
Past Presidents                                   A. Barton, P. Durrant, D. Lantaff
Vice Presidents                                   V. Else, M. George, Mrs V. Oram

Chairman                                             D. Reader
Hon. Secretary                                    B. Sheffield
Hon. Treasurer                                   P. Knight
Gentlemen’s Match Secretary          P. Kirk
Ladies’ Match Secretary                    Miss F. Studman
Gentlemen’s Captain                         R. Hockley
Gentlemen’s Vice Captain                 K. McCarthy
Gentlemen’s Junior Vice Captain     F. Titford
Ladies’ Captain                                   Mrs M. Walker
Ladies’ Vice Captain                           Mrs M. McCarthy
Pavilion & Grounds Manager           B. Booth
Bar Manager                                       Mrs J. and G. Dunster
Social Committee Co-ordinator       Mrs P. Willcox
M.S.B.L. Delegate                               R. Hockley
S.C.B. Gentlemen’s Delegate            R. Hockley
S.C.B. Ladies’ Delegate                      Mrs M. Day
Bowls Equipment Supervisor           G. Dunster
Safeguarding Officer                         D. Reader
Coaches                                               Mrs B. Hornby, (Co-ordinator),
                                                              M. George, Mrs R. George, D. Reader, Mrs. J Durrant
Publicity Officer/Website                  K. McCarthy
Welfare Officers                                 Mrs J. Durrant, Mrs J. Wynne
Account Examiners                            K. Rodaway, Miss F. Studman