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Where your money goes

We are offering you an opportunity to be an active part of the Afrikaya Nursery School in New Yundum, The Gambia and to choose where your money will go.  So whatever your interest or size of donation, you can feel a big part of the make-up of the school whether it be sponsoring a child, a whole classroom, a teacher's training, equiping the playground,  or supplying the classroom resources to help the children learn through play.  

The Choice is Yours!!

Where ever your interest or passion lies you can give something which means something personal to you, your family or your organization.  

You can make a difference!!



Buy a classroom: £2,000 [still 3 more available] - Sponsor a classroom and have your name on the door!!  This includes all the materials needed to build the “space” itself and everything required to turn it from a basic shell into a functioning classroom. Anyone can be a sponsor, but what a wonderful way for a school to teach their students about “giving something back”.

Sponsor a Child: just £10 per calendar month

Teach a teacher: £500 - The best asset to any school is its teachers. Train an early years teacher to today’s standards using current methods and techniques.

Create a playground: £500 - Children learn through play, so help create a safe, imaginative, fun and inspirational environment and have it named after YOU!!

Library: £1,500 -  A School would not be complete without books to teach and inspire.  Sourcing suitable books for African children is particularly difficult - and expensive. Includes building the “space” itself, shelving & books, & the floor cushions.

Buy a laptop: £500 - Technology is moving forward at such a rate – a must for any school      

Basic necessities in any classroom

  • Desk   £25
  • Chair: £10
  • Chair with your name carved on it - £15

Playtime: £10 - This is all about learning through play and having fun while you’re doing it.  Includes, Paints & Paper, Arts & Crafts Supplies for one child.

Classroom resources: £10 - Includes everything one child would need for the school day.  Pens and Pencils, Paper, Books

The Medical Room: £1,000 - All pupils are provided with basic medical care, ensuring their health and safety whilst at school, including first aid, emergency care and supervision.  If pupils fall ill at school [for example, from malaria], they may rest here until they are collected. Several beds will be provided as well as suitable medicines and equipment. Out of school hours, the intention is that the medical centre is used for pre and post natal care as the nearest medical centre is some 10 miles away in Brikama. 

Medical equipment: £500 - Including all of the disinfectant, plasters, bandages …for a school with lively, young children.

Kitchen Equipment: £600 - Every child attending the Afrikaya Nursery School will be provided with a healthy lunch. This may well be the only meal they have all day. Your donation will provide suitable equipment to cope with the appetites of growing children. Our kitchen will be a typical outdoor one - it is too hot to cook indoors!

Toilet furnishings: £150 per cubicle - There are 6 toilet cubicles available: 2 for staff; 2 for girls; 2 for boys. Each cubicle needs to be fitted with a European toilet and a wash basin.