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Our Objectives

  • Promote educational, community and musical links between West Africa and the UK.
  • Purchase land in The Gambia, and assist a local community in building a permanent nursery school for the education of the children age 3 – 7, who would not otherwise have access to education. 

  • Assist with the costs of building the school and the maintenance thereof.
  • Assist with the funding of staff. 

  • Work with a local community, including the elders and parents, to develop further educational facilities according to identified need.
  • Establish links between primary schools in the UK and the nursery school that is built by Afrikaya, in order to promote educational, cultural and musical exchange between the two countries.

  • Help with the development of the nursery school teaching and administrative staff in order to provide better education for the local children.
  • Establish accommodation within the school's catchment area to promote:

    • Educational exchanges between children and teaching staff from the UK 

    • Cultural exchanges for children and adults from black African groups, and other BME groups, in the UK. 

    • Dance and music training for visitors to the local community.