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One of the ways Afrikaya raises funds is by selling drums, percussion, musical instruments, jewellery and other African artifacts. These are mostly sourced in The Gambia either from craftsmen and women at fairtrade prices or from traders. Banjul is an international port and goods from all over Africa arrive there ready to be shipped to Europe. The craftspeople and traders feel that they are in some way contributing to Afrikaya's community project in their country. On the whole, we sell from our market stall at fairs, musical events and the occasional festival, in particular Tribal Earth.

In order to keep costs to the minimum, we sell direct and not through third party payment processing companies. When purchasing any of our goods, please email and we will talk to you direct.

We sell a few things online:

Frame drums [including beater]: The beating of the frame drum is believed to allow the shaman to achieve an altered state of consciousness, sending him or her on a spiritual journey. 

  • Wooden framed octagonal Tribe drum. . Cost £49.99 plus p&p
  • Round, wooden framed drum with string tensioning. Bright, colourful painting on the skin. 30cm. £43.95 +p&p
  • Round, wooden framed drum with string tensioning. 40cm. £59.95 +p&p

Mbira - The mbira has been an important instrument in sub-Saharan Africa and has played a part in African culture for 800 years. Although it can be a solo instrument, it is more commonly used as an accompaniment to singers, musicians and dancers. The mbira is also known as the thumb piano, because one's thumbs are used to pluck (or more accurately depress and release) the metal strips that sound particular notes.

  • The ones made for Afrikaya are made from a gourd approx. 17 cm diameterCost £15 [plus p&p]. ONLY 2 LEFT

Baobab Tree for jewellery

These are made in Africa from banana leaves and come in 3 sizes: 

  • Medium   8''        £7.95 [plus p&p] OUT OF STOCK
  • Large    12''        £15.95 [plus p&p] ONLY 1 LEFT


1. A professional recording of the Kaya Drum Circle, 50 drummers gathered at the sacred site, has set a new standard in the recording of pure excitement and energy. Taking place at key times of the year (Spring Equinox and Winter Solstice), these sessions are unique points in time that capture the primal energy of the landscape.

Conceived by Geoff Miles, founder of Kaya Drums, and local musician/film composer/record producer Craig Pruess (composer of the feature films, Bend It Like Beckham and Bride & Prejudice and the TV series Peak Practice), this high fidelity digital recording puts you right amongst the vibrant and powerful drumming of this experienced group. Playing under the expert facilitation of Alex Miles, Laurie French, Geoff Miles and others, this CD is truly energising, varied, organic and mesmerising! Just  £3.00 + £2.00 p&p

2. Benachin means One Pot in the language of the Wolof people of West Africa. This album is a compilation of rhythms whose roots are in West Africa from musicians and singers of all ages from the UK and from The Gambia. It celebrates the drum: the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Just  £3.00 + £2.00 p&p

3. This CD was recorded live by Nimba in the bush near Kotu Eranjang, The Gambia - £3.00 + £2.00 p&p - JUST 1 COPY LEFT

Djembes - Traditional West African djembe made for Afrikaya by master drummer in The Gambia. Bush Mango shell and goats skin head. Suitable for beginners and experienced players alike. This is a heavy weight drum. - Cost £130 including p&p. ONLY 1 LEFT

We do have a few cheaper djembes that are suitable for beginners and children - please ask. Remember, you get what you pay for. 

If you want a 'special' djembe, then invest in one made from a lenge shell and goat's skin. For a great sound and durability, then the lenge drum is the Rolls Royce of djembes. The wood comes from Guinea Conackry and is becoming increasingly rare, hence the price. We do not have a lenge shell djembe in stock but can source for you on our next trip to The Gambia. Cost £275, including p&p. £20 extra for carving of your choice. *If you are interested, please order and we will source direct from the drum maker in November - it will be with you in time for Christmas.*

African Jewellery - Silver/mahogany djembe necklace for just £22 inc p&p. Djembe is 2.25cm and the silver chain 45cm. Currently out of stock.