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Our Team

We are delighted to have the full support of the local community and to welcome this support we formed a School Management Committee [formerly called the Parent Teacher Association (PTA)] in November 2010 from 6 local people with strong standing in this community who are eager to be actively involved in the successful running of this school.  It will be their responsibility to liaise with the local community and the charity, deal with any disputes as they arise, with an escalation policy to the local school administrator (Alimamo Ceesay) and then on to the UK trustees as necessary. They have all volunteered to assist with the build and are encouraging their neighbours to do the same.

Abdoulie Joku - retired from The Gambian Army; currently at college

Sally Sanneh - full time housewife and mother

Ousman Sallah - Gambian Navy currently training in Physical Education

Tuti Jarju - a kanyaleng who does comedy performances

Awa Nyassi - community midwife and nurse

Thomas Jarjou - superintendant at Banjul Prison

Alimamo Cessay - Afrikaya's Gambian administrator