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The Afrikaya Nursery School

The Afrikaya Nursery School is being built using eco-friendly materials including compressed earth bricks. The plan is also to use solar and wind power. Already, water is pumped up from a bore hole using solar power. The community has confidence in the supply of water. See the photo above of one of our SMC members, Tuti, wetting the sand to make it less dusty for the dancers at the celbration party. 

When we saw the photos of the shutters that had been put on the windows and the metal door, we almost cried. "They are so ugly", Di cried. "You have to have metal doors and windows for security" we were told. "Then please paint them with rainbows" said Di.

At the request of the local community, the school building will be used as a community centre, skills centre and health clinic outside school hours.

So far, 2 of the 4 classrooms are almost ready, as is the toilet block. Here is a photo of the party on the school site in March 2014 to celebrate the progress at that point.

The intention is that the nursery school at New Yundum will be accessible to all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, tribe, religion, disability or family income. Families who will struggle to pay for a place will be encouraged to apply for sponsorship. 

Although the school will have no religious bias, the majority of the community are Muslim. Whenever celebrations take place for the school progress, the local Imams and Marabouts lead the community in prayers to say thank you to Allah. This photograph is of prayers under the Kebba Tree the day before the celebration party in March 2014.