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Aldiss Park Bowls Club

Fixtures 2018

FIXTURES FOR 2018          


Sun 15       Quiz Night

Sun 22       Opening Drive            1.45pm for 2pm

Mon 23      Whissonsett practice  6.30pm

Tues 24     Club Practice              6.30pm                       

Wed 25      Wed Roll up               2pm

                   EBA practice             6.30pm     

Thu 26       NEL practice              6.30pm

Fri 27         D & D practice          6.30pm

                  Club Night                6.30pm

Sat 28        Ladies Coaching       10am

Sun 29       Roll up                       2pm

Mon 30  Lakeside Pilgrims               Away     WHI

              Ladies Practice N9's   6.30pm



Tues 1   Club Coaching            2pm

              Club Night                   6.30pm

Wed 2    Mundford                           Away     EBA

              Ladies Practice           6.30pm         LB

Thu 3     Fakenham                         Home     NEL

Fri 4       Mattishall                           Home     DD

Sat 5      Ladies Coaching         2pm

Sun 6     Roll up                        2pm

Mon 7    Swanton Morley                 Away     WHI

Tue 8     Ashill Triples Practice  6.30pm

Wed 9    Northwold                          Home     EBA

Thu 10   Gressenhall                        Away     WHI      

Thu 10   N E Kings Head                 Home     DD

Fri 11     Elmham Institute                Away     NEL

Sat 12    Club Coaching            2pm

Sun 13   Holt                             2pm Away     F

Mon 14  Lyng                                  Home     WHI

              Thetford                             Away     LB

Tue 15   Mundford                           Away     ATM

Wed 16  County Arts          10.30am Away     N9's

              Harling Rec                        Away     EBA

Thu 17   Sculthorpe                         Home     NEL

              Whinburgh                         Away     DD

Sat 19    County Arts Top Club         Away     L

Sun 20   Roll up                        2pm    

Mon 21  Sculthorpe                         Home     WHI

Tues 22 Connaught Oak                 Home     ATM

              Harling Rec                        Home     ATR

              D'ham St Nicholas B          Away     ATD

Wed 23  Wymondham       10.30am Away     N9'S

              Hingham Rec                     Home     EBA

Thu 24   Caister                        2pm Home     L

              County Cup

              Gressenhall                        Home     DD

Fri 25     Colkirk                               Away     NEL

Mon 28  Hempton                           Away     WHI

Tue 29   Shropham                          Away     ATM

              Swaffham                          Home     ATD

              Mundford B                        Home     ATR

Wed 30  Shipdham                          Home     EBA

Thu 31   Thetford  Webb cup           Home     L

              Fakenham                         Away     WHI      


Fri 1       Shipdham                          Home     NEL

Sat 2      Priory Gardens           2pm Away     F

Mon 4    D'ham St Nicholas             Home     WHI

              Swaffham                          Away     LB

Tue 5     Wymondham 'A'                 Home     ATM

              Connaught Ash                  Away     ATD

              Thetford A                         Away     ATR

Wed 6    D'ham St. Nicholas            Home     EBA

Thu 7     Lyng                                  Home     NEL

Fri  8      Fish & Chip Bowls Drive  6pm

Sun 10   County Arts                2pm Home     F

Mon 11  Whissonsett                       Away     WHI

Tue 12   Norfolk BC           10.30am Away     N9's

              Northwold                          Home     ATM

              Thetford B                         Away     ATR

              Hingham                     Away     ATD

Wed 13  Thetford A                         Home     EBA

Thu 14   Shipdham Fermoy Cup      Home     EBA

Fri 15     Thorpe Rec          10.30am Home     N9's

Fri 15     Hempton CUP                   Home     NEL

              D'ham St Nicholas             Away     DD 

Mon 18  Mattishall                           Away     WHI

              Wymondham                     Home     LB

Tue 19   Bradenham                        Home     ATD

              D'ham St Nicholas A          Home     ATR

Wed 20  Carters                 10.30am Away     N9's

              Mundford                           Home     EBA

Thu 21   Swanton Morley Angel Away     NEL

Fri 22     D'ham St Nicholas

              BALES CUP                      Away     EBA

              Bradenham                        Away     DD

Sun 24   WW Autos Open Triples Tournament            

Mon 25  Connaught                         Home     LB

Tue 26   Ashill                                  Home     ATM

Wed 27  Northwold                          Away     EBA

              Elmham Institute                Home     NEL

Fri 29     Scarning                            Home     DD

Sat 30    Cromer Marrams         2pm Away     F

              Cromer Pier Show


Mon 2    Lakeside Pilgrims               Home     WHI

              Thetford                             Home     LB

Tue 3     Mundford                           Home     ATM

Wed 4    Carters                10.30am Home     N9's      

              Harling Rec                        Home     EBA

Thu 5     Essex Lady VP's         2pm Home     LF

Fri 6       Essex VP's                 2pm Home     F

Mon 9    Swanton Morley                 Home     WHI

Tue 10   Connaught Oak                 Away     ATM

              D'ham St Nicholas B         Home     ATD

              Harling Rec                        Away     ATR      

Wed 11  Hingham Rec                     Away     EBA

Thu 12   Thorpe Rec          10.30am Away     N9's

Fri 13     Gressenhall                       Away     DD

Sat 14    Summer Garden Party

              courtesy of Lynn & Denis West

Sun 15   Bintree                        2pm Home     F

Mon 16  Lyng                                  Away     WHI

              Swaffham                          Home     LB

Tue 17   Shropham                          Home     ATM

              Swaffham                          Away     ATD

              Mundford B                        Away     ATR

Wed 18  Nfk  County Ladies Benevolent Triples

              9.30 - 3pm NO ROLL UP

              Shipdham                          Away     EBA

Thu 19   Sculthorpe                         Away     NEL

Fri 20     Nfk Lady VP's             2pm Home     LF

              N. Elmham Kings Head      Away     DD 

Mon 23  Wymondham                     Away     LB

              Sculthorpe                         Away     WHI

Tue 24   Wymondham 'A'                 Away     ATM

              Connaught Ash                  Home     ATD

              Thetford A                         Home     ATR      

Wed 25  Wymondham       10.30am Home     N9's

              D'ham St Nicholas             Away     EBA

Thu 26   Whinburgh                         Home     DD

Fri 27     Norfolk BC           10.30am Home     N9's

              Colkirk                               Home     NEL

Sun 29   Hunstanton                  2pmHome    F

Mon 30  Hempton                           Home     WHI

              Connaught                         Away     LB

Tue 31   Northwold                          Away     ATM

              Thetford B                          Home     ATR

              Hingham                     Home     ATD


Please note games start earlier

6pm for EBA, L & AT. all other leagues 6.30pm

Wed 1    Thetford                             Away     EBA

Thu 2     Swanton Morley Angel Home     NEL

Fri 3       County Arts          10.30am Home     N9's

              Scarning                            Away     DD

Sun 5     Gorleston Links           2pm Home     F

Mon 6    D'ham St Nicholas             Away     WHI

Tue 7     D'ham St Nicholas A          Away     ATR

              Bradenham                        Away     ATD

Wed 8    Holt Ladies           10.30am Home     LF

              EBA Baker County Cup  6pm

Thu 9     Lyng                                  Away     NEL

Fri 10     D'ham St Nicholas             Home     DD

Sun 12   Scarning                     2pm Away     F

Mon 13  Whissonsett                       Home     WHI

Tue 14   Ashill                                  Away     ATM

Wed 15  Gressenhall                       Home     WHI

              Shipdham                          Away     NEL

Thu 16   NCC Ladies                2pm Home     LF

Fri 17     Bradenham                        Home     DD

Sun 19   Aldiss Park Prize Play Challenge Cup Day

Mon 20  Mattishall                           Home     WHI

Tue 21   Chelmsford BC           2pm Home     F

Wed 22  Mattishall                           Away     DD

              Fakenham                         Away     NEL

Fri 24     Fakenham                         Home     WHI

Sat 25    Cromer Marrams         2pm Home     F

Fri 31     Fish & Chip Bowls Drive 6pm


Sun 2     Roll up

Sun 9     Closing Drive  2pm

Sat 15    Clean /closing green 9.30am

Sun 30   Quiz Night




Wed 17  AGM



Sun 25   Quiz Night




EBA-      Mens EBA

WHI       -      Whissonsett League

NEL -      North Elmham League

ATM-     Ashill Triples Magpies

ATD -     Ashill Triples Doves

ATR-      Ashill Triples Robins

DD  -      Dereham & District

LB   -      Ladies Breckland

N9's -     Norwich 9's Ladies

F     -      Mixed Friendly

LF   -      Ladies Friendly