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Alton Methodist Church

Greater Alton Project

Greater Alton Project Greater Alton Project

The Greater Alton Project born as a result of the coming together of All Saints, St Lawrence and St Peter’s in Beech churches with Holy Rood in Holybourne and Alton Methodist Church in a covenant relationship to be known as the greater Alton Project or GAP, which commits the churches to work together for the purpose of supporting mission and ministry in the greater Alton area.


Recycled Fashion Show sells out!

Judy and Karen Judy and Karen

Customers hailed this year's Recycled Fashion Show another success as well as a fun event.

Held in Alton's Methodist Church, tickets were sold out a week before it took place, and the event has raised £2659-94.

All the clothes and accessories modeled were nearly new and had been donated.  Over 2 months they were priced and put together into outfits, which were then modeled by a volunteer team of 14, showing off a variety of colour palettes and sizes.  All items were sold following the Show, with a further reduced price sale next morning.

Organiser, Karen Booker, said, "Judy and I were delighted by the quality of the donated clothes, and are very grateful to all who supported this event.  The money raised this time is going to church community projects: particularly those supported by the GAP churches.  These include financing our Sixth Form College Chaplain, our Simeon Chaplain for those in later life, and our Youth Worker, who was also one of our models!"

Look out for another Show next year!