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Andover Vineyard


F.A.Qs F.A.Qs

Are all Vineyards the same?

Yes and no! Just as brothers and sisters are very different but share a family likeness and the same values, so each Vineyard will share common values and practices yet each will have their own unique flavour. Vineyards in the UK are under the covering of the Vineyard Churches UK, each are individually incorporated, and govern themselves autonomously.

Do you have to be baptised in a Vineyard to be a member?
No. We do however believe in and practice baptism, and provide classes to educate people on the meaning of baptism. We encourage all people to be baptised after they have made a commitment to follow Jesus.

Do you have to give money to the church to be a member?
No, nobody has to give money. We do teach and believe, however, that the Bible has established certain principles for people to live by. One of these has to do with giving, and when a person gives to God and the work of extending the kingdom of God, it shows obedience, commitment  and dedication to God and the body of believers to which he belongs.

Is the Vineyard a cult?
No. As evangelicals (i.e. the Bible is our final authority for faith and practice), we practice and teach the Bible, which we believe to be the inspired Word of God. Our Statement of Faith is available to anyone who has questions concerning the doctrine and theological position of Vineyard Churches.

How can I “Get connected” and involved?
We provide The Vineyard Adventure Course to educate and disciple believers according to Scripture. These classes are great for building relationship and getting "Connected" to ministries and groups.

Why are you so “casual” compared to some more traditional churches?
It is important to us that new people and visitors feel comfortable and at home when they come. Many "unchurched" people feel uncomfortable in some more traditional churches where they need to dress up in suit, tie, etc in order to fit in. We want people to feel that they can come as they are, wearing what they feel comfortable in and know that they'll be welcomed as they are and won't feel they stick out like a sore thumb! The atmosphere is purposely casual so that everyone can feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome.

Why don’t you have communion every week in church?
Jesus never said when or which days believers should observe Communion, also known as The Lord’s Supper.  He instituted it on a Thursday night.  Since it is a ‘supper’, it may seem more appropriate to observe it at an evening service.

Since our Sunday morning service is designed so you can bring your non-believing friends and family and they'll feel love, accepted and welcomed, we only take The Lord’s Supper (communion) once a month on a Sunday morning, so as not to alienate people, as this part of the service is only for Christians.

Imagine what it would be like to be invited to someone's home and told that everyone there is going to have something to eat and drink, but you aren't allowed to and have to sit and watch while others share an intimate meal!

So to avoid making the very ones Jesus came to save, feel unwelcome and excluded, we share communion once a month on a Sunday morning, at our midweek meetings, retreats, in small groups and in our homes.