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Andover Vineyard

How can I help?

There are lots of ways that you help and get involved in what God wants to do here. Below are just a few. You can...

Pray for us

We would love you to do this. Please email our prayer co-ordinator by clicking here or come along to one of our prayer meetings.

Ministries - Meeting needs with love

As followers of Jesus, we believe that active involvement in the church and the community is the way we follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Saviour. Because of this belief we are developing many ministry opportunities at Andover Vineyard. Any of these areas would love your involvement, and all of them exist to serve the differing needs of our church and our community. Our prayer is that at Andover Vineyard, you will find a place to serve, as well as a place to be served.

Street Connections

Arrange outreach to connect with and benefit the local community.  Ideas are subject to the team leader's approval.

Getting Involved in our other ministries

Prayer Team

To bring the healing power of prayer to all those in need, either as part of a group, for intercessory prayer or as individuals. To lead a Prayer Team within this ministry - you must have completed the Vineyard Adventure Parts 1 - 3.

Small Group Leaders

You must have been with us for a minimum of 6 months and have completed the Vineyard Adventure.

Social Events Organiser

Arrange fun social events where friends and family with no church experience will feel comfortable coming along.

Research/Data Collectors

At times the Pastor needs information on a wide range of issues and needs help to research them. Anyone can be involved here.


Host new members or visitors in your home for a meal.

Telephone Contacts

Making contact with new members, visitors or anyone needing extra support during the week, just to say 'hello' and let them know they are loved and appreciated.

Local Paper Readers

Reading through the local Andover Advertiser each week looking out for opportunities where we can help either the local community or individuals. Anyone can be involved here.