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Andover Vineyard

Our Women' Ministries

Our Ladies' Ministries - The Well Our Ladies' Ministries - The Well

Our Ladies' Ministries - The Well

At Andover Vineyard, we are passionate that women, whatever their age or background, feel accepted, loved and valued and know that they are uniquely special.

Our aim is to provide a wide variety of times and places where women can meet together in a relaxed, safe and friendly environment to build and deepen friendships with each other.

Our vision is to enable every woman to come to know Jesus, to grow in her love for God, being empowered to love, serve and lead others and to offer hope and healing to a broken, hurting world.

We hope to have lots of fun and adventure along the way too and we'd really love you to join us!

Why 'The Well'?

In History:

  • The well was seen as a place of common ground, central to the community.
  • It was a place where women gathered and chatted as they waited to draw water.
  • It was also a place of peace; an oasis.

In The Bible:

  • Wells were places of rest and refuge, comfort and provision.
  • In John ch.4, Jesus was by a well when he met and talked with a Samaritan woman as she came for water.  He met her at her point of need both physically, emotionally and spiritually and she then went out to tell others about what he had done for her.
  • Jesus promised he would give her: 'living water so that she would never thirst again'.

We have ongoing events for our ladies including monthly prayer breakfasts, retreat days and social events.  Please check out the diary pages for more details.