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Annual Parish Meeting 15 May 2018

MINUTES of the Annual Parish Meetings held in the Loyd Lindsay Rooms, High Street, Ardington, OX12 8PS at 7.00 p.m. on Thursday, 15 May 2018.
Present: Parish Councillors:  Ron East, Nicola Hancock, Derek Morrow and Hugh Roberts.
The Clerk:      Clive Knights. 
Public: Thomas Loyd, Jane Roberts, Christine Lisi, Vivian Haigh, Rose Baring, Susanna Proudfoot, Graham and Elizabeth Boon, Mark Parry and 7 other people.
Apologies: Paul Gibbs.

The Chair welcomed everyone. 

The meeting opened with an excellent illustrated talk “Farming and Philanthropy: the early years of the Lockinge Estate” by Christine Lisi.  The meeting applauded Christine, who was warmly thanked by the Chair.
1.  Minutes of the previous Annual Parish Meeting (APM), The Parish Council (PC) at their meeting in July 2017 had approved the Minutes of the APM.  There were two actions from the meeting. 1.  To enquire from where West Hanney got its ‘Smiley face’’ speed sign.  West Hanney had collaborated with other councils to purchase it.  2. Our PCSO was asked whether the local force had any speed check equipment for hire.  There was nothing to hire.  The PC enquired whether NavTech in their work generated speed data but they did not.

2.  Matters raised by Parishioners in Ardington.  Cyclists were not taking sufficient care particularly when passing horses despite the riders wearing notices on their backs that road users should take care when passing.  Many of these cyclists were travelling to and from the Harwell Campus.  The Clerk will establish if a cycling club is based at Harwell Campus and if so to send a suitable note seeking more careful cycling through the villages.  Cars badly parked should have an admonishing note put under the windscreen wipers.  The actions above would be considered at the next Parish Council meeting. 
3.  Matters raised by Parishioners in Lockinge.  Parishioners had nothing to add to the matters raised by Ardington.

4.  Chairman’s Report. (The following is the full text of the report.) 

A second defibrillator, located in the old telephone kiosk in the lower car park in East Lockinge, has now been installed. This has been paid for by a generous donation from Karen Smith (£1,200.71.  Lockinge Trust has also contributed £166.04 and installed it free of charge.

Three Parish Councillors and three staff from Lockinge Trust and the Trusts’ Relief in Need Charity met two staff from Oxfordshire Carers in Ardington.  Oxford Carers support carers and can provide emergency respite.  Estate News sent details of the meeting to all residents.

There had been no progress on the improvements to the increasingly busy A417 between Wantage and Rowstock because of lack of funds.  However, ring-fenced funds were expected to improve the Rowstock junction.

We have again raised the need for a roundabout at the Grove Park junction, but at the moment with little hope of a positive outcome; any suggestion of traffic lights is frowned upon by Planners.

A bus shelter or seats for the Ardington turn onto the A417 has been requested for people who regularly use the bus service.  The cost for this would probably fall on the Parish Council unless the bus companies using this route could be persuaded to bear the cost.  This avenue is currently being investigated.

There are no buses running through the villages except for a school bus which the general public can use.  Now the only regular buses near Ardington and Lockinge are those that run along the A417.  The PC hopes to persuade the bus companies to run at least one return service to Wantage or Didcot through the village at off-peak times,

The Parish Council Website is running smoothly and the Playground is still very popular and going strong. 

The Data Protection Regulations have been met by the issue of consent forms (to allow the PC to contact people) and privacy notices to explain how the personal data we acquire, in the course of the PC’s work with contractors and residents, is protected and stored.

I would like to thank my fellow Councillors, County and District Councillors, School Governor and PCSO, who all attended our meetings and have given reports, and especially to our Clerk Clive Knights for all his hard work.

5. Financial Report for 2017/18. (The full accounts are attached to the file copy of the Minutes for 8 May 2018.)  The 2017-18 accounts were passed by our Internal Auditor, John Hedgecock, who was able to check all the additions on the accounts supplied in a data stick.

Expenditure was £1,000 higher than last year because of mainly £461 more spent on playground repairs and £440 was carried forward to keep last year’s expenditure and income both below £10,000 to avoid an £100 audit charge.  In the 17/18 year the audit charge was not levied below £25,000 income or expenditure.  The charge for the defibrillator installed in East Lockinge was entirely met by a donation of £1,200 from Karen Smith and £166 from Lockinge Trust who also paid for the installation.  Income was higher in 17/18 due to our County Councillor’s Community Grant of £500, a government grant of £294 to cover website charges and the precept was increased 4.9% (+ £340).  VAT expenditure of £407 was recovered.  This allowed a balance at the end of the year of £698 not including the funds of £1,329 set-aside for the playground. 

The meeting ended at 9.10 pm.  The next meeting was set for Tuesday, 14 May 2019.

Signed as a true record,

Chairman:  Date 10 July 2018 
Distribution:  Cllrs. Ron East, Paul Gibbs, Nicola Hancock, John Hedgecock, Derek Morrow and Hugh Roberts.