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Minutes 10 July 2018

A&L (2018)4

MINUTES of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Loyd Lindsay Rooms, High Street, Ardington, OX12 8PS at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 10 July 2018.
Present: Councillors: Ron East, Nicola Hancock, Derek Morrow and Hugh Roberts (Chair).
 County Councillor: Michael Fox-Davis.
Clerk: Clive Knights.  Member of the Public, Andrew Hancock.
Apologies: Paul Gibbs, John Hedgecock, District Councillor, Michael Murray, PCSO, Tim Dean and School Governor Nicola Merry.

1. There were no declarations of interest and no hospitality had been received or offered. There were no changes needed to the Registers of Interests.
2. Matters Arising from the Meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday, 8 May 2018 and approval of the Minutes.  All the actions had been taken.  ACTION 4.1 The Clerk to establish whether Amazon have larger “Watch your speed” signs the size of the existing yellow sign in East Lockinge. ACTION 4.2 The Clerk to contact Alison Bowler about the repair of the street light opposite the playground.  The PC would like this to function.  ACTION 4.3 The Clerk to get prices for solar-panel-operated lights, although it was doubtful that Thomas Loyd would agree to its installation in the village.  Stagecoach and Thames declined unsympathetically the PC’s request that a bus pass through the village once per day on a return trip...  ACTION 4.4 The Clerk to copy the correspondence to the OCC member in charge of public transport. Only one resident couple declared an interest in hiring the Social Security buses at £20/hour; this will not pursued.  The abandoned Silver Mondeo Ghia in the upper car park had been removed.  Thomas Loyd was sympathetic to the need for a bus shelter on the A417.  Nicola Hancock’s enquiries about a bus shelter were not fruitful; it is a Parish Council responsibility to install one ACTION 4.5 The Clerk to establish with OCC Highways where a bus shelter could be placed at the Ardington turn on the A417 and whether planning permission would be needed.  The Clerk could not locate his registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office so there was nothing to update.  ACTION 4.6 The Clerk to establish whether or not a registration was necessary.  The Minutes were accepted by Parish Councillors as a true record and signed by the Chair.
3. Matters Arising from the Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday, 15 May 2018 and approval of the Minutes.  The response of the Harwell Cycle Group concerning care to be taken when passing horses was forwarded to Parish Councillors and the parishioners who raised the problem.  ACTION 4.7 The Clerk to report on (a) OCC’s Cycle Forum and a (b) a visit to Ridgeway Cycles, Wantage.  The Minutes were accepted by Parish Councillors as a true record and signed by the Chair.
4. Reports. 
County Councillor’s Report:  A written report had been sent and had been circulated a day before the meeting.  The data presented for the reservoir needed to be updated by Thames Water (TW).  TW had the worst leakage record in the UK equivalent to the usage of 1.5 million households.  A proposal would be put to the Cabinet on 17 July 2018 to double the repair budget for roads.  It was also proposed that Cherwell and a Northampton DC, who have worked together for years, would continue to do so meaning that Cherwell would not be part of the Unitary Authority for Oxfordshire but the Chief Executive (CE) for Cherwell would continue in post and also be CE for Oxfordshire.
Clerk’s Report.  In an emergency staff at The Boar’s Head had opened the defibrillator in Ardington but it was not used as the ill individual had sufficiently recovered.  The Electoral Register indicated 247 electors in Ardington (1 less than last year and 153 in Lockinge.  The donation to Wantage IAC was acknowledged in their Annual Report.  ACTION 4.8 the Clerk to circulate this report.  In the deep clean all the gutters alongside pavements and walls in Ardington and East Lockinge were swept.  From East Lockinge Manor towards Ginge to the top of the hill on the south there was soil and debris 40 cm into the road in East Lockinge but increasing to 2.3 metres at the Ardington turn.  This work was not done except for a walled section to the south from the Manor.  Also not done were the drain and at the Orangery turn and the culvert at Chestnuts.  New audit regulations required the Clerk to issue each quarter income received, expenditure and the balance.  This had been done on 30 June 2018.
5. Finance.  Sections 1 and 2 of the Annual Audit with explanatory texts had been circulated with the agenda a week before this meeting.  Also Section 2 (accounts) had been audited by the Internal Auditor.  On this basis Sections 1 and 2 were approved by Parish Councillors.  ACTION 4.9 The |Clerk to add these sections to the PC’s website completing the entry of all the components of the audit.  Parish Councillors approved at this meeting the payments already made to Christine Lisi for her talk (Ex 6 £40.00) and to White Horse Horticulture (Ex 7 £970.00) for grass cutting in April and May.  Payments were approved at this meeting for the Clerk’s remuneration for July and August (£212.00 Ex 3 by Standing Order S.O.1), to HMRC for July and August (Ex 3 £53.00)# and to White Horse Horticulture (Ex 8 £435.00) for grass cutting in June..  ACTION 4.10 The Clerk to make the payments indicated by a #.
6. New Standing orders.  On a proposal by Ronald East, seconded by Derek Morrow the New Standing Orders, circulated first on 31 May and a final version on 2 July 2018, should be adopted  This was agreed by Parish Councillors.
7. Playground.  The grass had been cut twice.  Everything was in order.  Repairs were planned as described in the next Section.
8. Application for a grant from the Community Grant Scheme.  This could lead to a grant of £1,870 per year for two years.  The Clerk had circulated a proposal to purchase and install a double swing for children older than babies, a balance beam and post (to replace rotting items and repair of the 8 chairs round the two tables. The total cost would be £2,904.  If all the items were purchased together the first year there would a funding gap of £1034.  At the request of the donor, two £200 donations to the playground fund had been reserved for new equipment.  The playground fund (currently £1,370) could thus provide £400 to bridge the gap.  £200 had been put in the budget for repairs which could also contribute, leaving £434 to be met by a loan from the playground fund taking the level temporarily to £536.  The Clerk had two quotes for the major item, the swing, but a third quote (ACTION 4.11 the Clerk) should be obtained.  (Added after the Meeting: In the following year, grass cutting could be done by a paid contractor and some street light standards could be washed and painted).  I will delete this in the Minutes presented to the next meeting.
9. September Fete.  The Parish Council (PC) declined a request to donate £200 to pay for   insurance for the event.  The PC only had an estimated balance at 31 March 2019 of £509.
10. Items for Trumpeter.  ACTION 4.12 The Clerk to add the regular notice about the next Parish Council meeting and sound out interest in use of off-peak Social Security buses..
11. Date of next meeting. 7.00 p.m. Tuesday 11 September 2018 in Loyd Lindsay Rooms. The following meeting will be on 13 November.

Signed as a true record,

Chair  Date: 11 September 2018.

Distribution: Ron East, Paul Gibbs, Nicola Hancock, John Hedgecock, Derek Morrow and Sir Hugh Roberts.