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Minutes 11 September 2018


A&L (2018)5


MINUTES of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Loyd Lindsay Rooms, High Street, Ardington, OX12 8PS at 7.10 p.m. on Tuesday 11 September 2018.

Present: Councillors: Ron East, Paul Gibbs (Acting Chair), Nicola Hancock, John Hedgecock, and Derek Morrow

                 County Councillor: Michael Fox-Davis.

Clerk: Clive Knights. 

Apologies: Hugh Roberts. District Councillor, Michael Murray, PCSO, Tim Dean and School Governor Nicola Merry.


1.      There were no declarations of interest and no hospitality had been received or offered. There were no changes needed to the Registers of Interests.

2.      Matters raised by residents present.  Garden rubbish had been dumped at the second bend of the double bend in White Road at the junction with Ickneild Way.  ACTION 5.1 The Clerk to inform the Vale through fixmystreet.  Nearby was a pile of dumped guttering.  ACTION 5.2 The Clerk to establish whether there is another new pile and take action, if necessary.  There had been a spate of crimes recently.  Three bicycles had been stolen from a garage, two vehicles had been broken into in Christopher’s Wood and likewise at the school.

3.      Matters Arising from the Meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday, 10 July 2018 and approval of the Minutes.  All the actions had been taken.  Amazon did not have a “Watch your speed” sign the size of the existing yellow sign in East Lockinge. ACTION 5.3 The Clerk to get a photocopy of the existing sign at Rainbow Posters, Steventon.  ACTION 5.4 The Clerk to establish through Nigel Hutt the progress in establishing the electrical supply to the street light outside the playground.  GDPR registration was not necessary for a parish council such as A&L.  ACTION 5.5 The Clerk to establish whether Ridgeway Cycles had any posters about safe cycling around horses. OCC’s Cycle Forum did not have anything of interest for A&L. An application for a grant from the Community Grant Scheme had been submitted by our County Councillor and was being processed.  The Minutes were accepted by Parish Councillors as a true record and signed by the Acting Chair.

4.      Reports. 

County Councillor’s Report:  A written report had been sent and had been circulated a day before the meeting.  Blewbury PC had arranged a meeting with OCC’s Highways staff on a suggested 4 October meeting to curb speeding through the village on the A417.  Other A417 parishes were invited.  Derek Morrow wished to attend.  The Council had approved the appointment of the current and continuing Chief Executive (CE) for Cherwell as the CE for Oxfordshire.  Thames Water had to produce a plan of how it will meet future water demand every five years and thus the continued interest in the proposed reservoir at Steventon.  The containing wall will be 3 times the height of those at Farmoor.  

Clerk’s Report.  The Estate had declined the offer of a free sapling and plaque from OCC to commemorate the ending of WW1.  The Estate would look to do something for themselves.  The Estate had agreed to light a beacon on 11 October 2018.  ACTION 5.6 The Clerk (a) to remind the Estate and establish the location of the beacon and (b) request to be informed about their decision about an alternative to an OCC sapling.  The salt boxes would be filled before the winter.  There were no mineral workings planned closer than Frilford.  The street lights should be checked for faults.  ACTION 5.7 The Clerk to report on the costs and funding received for the last check of the street lights.  The second half of the Precept had been received (£3,880).  ACTION 5.8 The Clerk to confirm his attendance of the reception by Grove PC on 12 October 2018 on behalf of the Chair.  The PC did not wish to comment on the Gambling and Licensing Policy.  The Fete on Sunday 9 September had been very successful.


5.      Finance.  Parish Councillors approved at this meeting the payments already made to White Horse Horticulture (Ex 10 £970.00) for grass cutting in July, to Playsafety (Ex9 £96.60) and to the Vale WHDC (Ex 11 £22.50) for a planning application for the playground.  Payments were approved at this meeting for the Clerk’s remuneration for September and October (£212.00 Ex 3 by Standing Order S.O.1), to HMRC for September and October (Ex 3 £53.00) and to White Horse Horticulture (Ex 12 £342.500) for grass cutting in August.  ACTION 5.9 The Clerk to make the payments indicated by a #.

6.      Planning.  All councillors were opposed to the display of advertising hoardings along the A417 boundary of Crab Hill.  ACTION 5.10 The Clerk (a) to convey this opposition to the Vale’s Planning Department and (b) email the application for Down View to Parish Councillors. 

7.      New Standing orders.  On a proposal by Nicola Hancock, seconded by Ronald East, the addition to the Standing Orders should stand adjourned until the next PC meeting on 13 November 2018.  This was agreed by Parish Councillors.  ACTION 5.11 The Clerk.

8.      Data Protection.  A Data Protection Officer was no longer required for a PC like A&L.  The required changes to the PC’s Data Protection Scheme would be presented at or before the next meeting.  ACTION 5.12  The Clerk

9.      Playground.  The grass had been cut in July and August.  A RoSPA safety examination of the playground on 17 July 2018 led the removal of a balancing beam. At this meeting, ACTION The Clerk 5.13 to remove the two seats from the children’s swing and their chains.  Corrosion in the top frame of one of these seats noted by RoSPA would be examined.  Two seat at the tables had been repaired and another awaited repair. Everything else was in order.

10.  Items for Trumpeter and Estate News.  ACTION 5.14 The Clerk to add the regular notice about the next Parish Council meeting and state that the WIAC car service would  allow a booking costing £6.50 that will take people from their homes to a shop, wait and return them to their homes.  The vehicle will accommodate 3-4 passengers and reduce the cost of a journey per person.  The Clerk to put a note about the car service on the notice boards to inform people who are not on the internet.  The spate of thefts and vandalism should be reported in Trumpeter.  ACTION 5.15 Nicola Hancock to assess the value of Facebook activity for the PC.


11.  Date of next meeting. 7.00 p.m. Tuesday 13 November 2018 in Loyd Lindsay Rooms.


Signed as a true record,




Chair               Date: 13 November 2018.


Distribution: Ron East, Paul Gibbs, Nicola Hancock, John Hedgecock, Derek Morrow and Sir Hugh Roberts.