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MINUTES 12 March 2019


A&L (2019)2


MINUTES of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Loyd Lindsay Rooms, High Street, Ardington, OX12 8PS at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 12 March 2019.

Present: Councillors: Ronald East, Paul Gibbs, Nicola Hancock, John Hedgecock, Derek Morrow and Hugh Roberts (Chair).

Clerk: Clive Knights. 

Apologies: County Councillor: Michael Fox-Davis.  District Councillor, Michael Murray, PCSO, Tim Dean (Report sent) and School Governor Nicola Merry.


  1. There were no declarations of interest and no hospitality had been received or offered. There were no changes needed to the Registers of Interests.
  2. Matters Arising from the Meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday, 9 January 2019 and approval of the Minutes.  All the actions had been taken.  ACTION 2.1 The Clerk to establish whether Lockinge Estate had given further consideration to the use in the villages in an emergency of water from the Thames Water supply to the Dairy.  The supports for the “Watch Your Speed” signs had been stiffened and anchored more firmly. In connection with the street light opposite the playground, at the request of Lockinge Estate, the PC wrote to Nigel Baring that the Parish Council cannot afford the cost of the work to repair the cable whereas the Estate would do it themselves at their expense provided he could authorise the Estate to go ahead.  ACTION 2.2 The Clerk and Derek Morrow would try to locate the light trip at 38A East Lockinge which was preventing the street light near the Fire Engine house from lighting.  The CBPT had granted the PC £300 to paint 6 street lights.  ACTION 2.3 The Clerk to request a quotation from Simon Scott to paint 6 specified street lightsCBPT had also granted the PC £330 to electrically check the street lights.  ACTION The Clerk 2.4 to request CDC at Wallingford to proceed. to an electrical check of the 31 street lights.  ACTION 2.5 Nicola Hancock to continue the work she had done already to set up a Facebook page for the Parish Council, with assistance from John Hedgecock.  He had worked on a manual scroll and a means to automatically scroll through the photographs.  ACTION 2.6 Paul Gibbs Paul Gibbs to continue to build the case for improved access to the A 417 and in particular would explore the possible sources of funding with a view to suggesting them as options in our letter of request to OCC. He had acquired accident information from the police for the Grove Park Drive and Ardington junctions and would again use Freedom of Information legislation to acquire additional information about accidents at those junctions from OCC.
  3. Reports. 

PCSO’s Report.  There had not been any crimes in A&L the last 4 weeks.  A Parish Councillor had noticed a drug canister at the car park at Home Farm.  ACTION 2.7  The Clerk to request our PCSO to include night visits to deter drug users from using the area.

Clerk’s Report.  This is at the end of the Minutes, because it was not given at the Meeting.


  1. Finance.  Parish Councillors approved the budget, which had only minor changes from that presented in January. Parish Councillors approved payments already made to Tom King (£145.00 Ex 21) and for OALC’s subscription of £138.97 Ex 21.  Parish Councillors approved payments at this meeting for the Clerk’s monthly payment of £212 for March by Standing Order 1, and payment of  £228.00 by a new standing order for April, and payments of the Clerk’s income tax of £53.00 # (Ex 3) for March and £57.00 for April.  Also approved were payments to LLR Ex 22 of £190.00#, to Clive Knights of £138.44 # (Ex 22) for anti-virus protection and broadband and to Clive Knights for expenses of £53.23# (see small cash book).  ACTION 2.8The Clerk to submit the change to the Standing Order on 5 April 2019 and make the outstanding payments indicated by #.
  2. Planning.  The PC had not responded to the application (P19/V0402/AG for a new barn at Nevilles Farm.  (On 13 March the Vale decided a planning application was not necessary.)  The PC approved the application for changes to Lains Barn P18/V0571/FUL and LB.  ACTION 2.9 The Clerk to inform the Vale.  ACTION 2.10 The Clerk (a) to check the Planning status of the marquee at Ardington House by searching the Vale’s records and (b) to arrange a visit by some Parish Councillors (DM, PG and HR) to see Lains Barn and enquire about its future.  Lockinge Estate through CBPT had agreed to build a bus shelter at the Lockinge Turn.  As has frequently been stated the Health Centre at Mably Way will need be expanded to cope with residents from Crab Hill as part of the infrastructure improvement but funding for this improvement is at best uncertain.  There are plans to re-instate physiotherapy in Wantage hospital but no fixed date has been given.
  3. Annual Parish Meeting (APM) and Annual Meeting of the Parish Council (AMPC).  This will be held on Tuesday, 14 May 2019 preceded by a talk by Christine Lisi titled: “War and Peace: the Lockinge Estate from WW1 to WW2.” A charge of £40.00 had been agreed...  ACTION 2.11 The Clerk to discover the type of laptop Christine would use so that John Hedgecock could ensure the correct cable would be available to connect with the projector.  ACTION 2.12 The Clerk (a) to arrange that the screen and projector are ordered and (b) to encourage the attendance of our District Councillor who had not attended a meeting since 9 March 2017.
  4. Playground.  ACTION 2.13 The Clerk in dry weather (a) to arrange the painting of the train seats and (b) the replacement of the train’s rotten timber.  The matting below the new swing had been pegged down.
  5. Election.  All the parish councillors would seek re-election.  I have the valid electoral register to provide Register numbers for those seeking nomination and their proposers. See Clerk’s Report below for further information.
  6. Items for Trumpeter and Estate News.  ACTION 2.14 The Clerk to add the regular notices about the next Parish Council meeting and the talk both on 14 May..
  7. Date of next meeting. 7.00 pm. Tuesday 14 May in Loyd Lindsay Rooms.
  8. Subsequent meetings: at 7.00 pm on Tuesdays in 2019 on 9 July, 10 September and 12 November.


Signed as a true record,




Chair               Date: 14 May 2019.


Clerk’s Report.  VAT of £650.93 had been recovered in January leaving £27.16 unclaimed this financial year.  For the election Nomination forms should be received from 18 March 2019 and notice of an election should be received and posted by 26 March.  To fit fibre cables, High Street, Ardington will have road works from 28 May to 11 June 2019.  The A417 in the Hendreds will be have a surface dressing applied at off-peak hours (09.30- 15.30) from 1-2 June 2019.  A badly silted drain at the Orangery corner had been cleared; not by the Clerk.




Distribution: Ron East, Paul Gibbs, Nicola Hancock, John Hedgecock, Derek Morrow and Sir Hugh Roberts.