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Minutes 13 November 2018


A&L (2018)6


MINUTES of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Loyd Lindsay Rooms, High Street, Ardington, OX12 8PS at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 13 November 2018.

Present: Councillors: Ronald East, Paul Gibbs, Nicola Hancock, John Hedgecock, Derek Morrow and Hugh Roberts (Chair).

                 County Councillor: Michael Fox-Davis.

Clerk: Clive Knights. 

Apologies: District Councillor, Michael Murray, PCSO, Tim Dean and School Governor Nicola Merry.


1.      There were no declarations of interest and no hospitality had been received or offered. There were no changes needed to the Registers of Interests.

2.      Matters raised by residents present.  ACTION 6.1 The Clerk to correct the faults in the street light at 2 Well street and in the street light in front of the Fire Engine house supplied with electricity from 38 A East Lockinge.  ACTION 6.2 The Clerk to ask Lockinge Estate what back-up would be available when the water supply runs cloudy over several days for some residents.

3.      Matters Arising from the Meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday, 11 September 2018 and approval of the Minutes.  All the actions had been taken.  The photocopy of the “Watch Your Speed” had come unstuck.  A new sign would be supplied by OCC.  ACTION 6.3 The Clerk to get this sign and the other one laminated in clear plastic.  ACTION 6.4 The Clerk to request Nigel Hutt to seek access to Nigel Barings house to establish the electrical supply, through the white box on the back wall of the house, to the street light outside the playground.  Ridgeway Cycles did not have posters about safe cycling around horses.  In 2012 checking the trips connected to the street lights cost £2,100 with a contribution of £566 from CBPT.  Painting the street lights cost £875 paid by CBPT.  ACTION 6.5 The Clerk to get quotations for this work. ACTION 6.6 Nicola Hancock to set up a Facebook page for the Parish Council with assistance from John Hedgecock. The Minutes were accepted by Parish Councillors as a true record and signed by the Chair.

4.      Reports. 

County Councillor’s Report:  A written report had been sent and had been circulated by the Clerk 2 hours before the meeting.  OCC road repairs had its budget increased by £1.5M and 35,000 pot holes had been repaired in the period January to March but £400M were needed to catch-up with the repairs.  ACTION 6.7 The Clerk was to chase OCC, if the salt bins were not filled by mid-December.  Grants of £500 were available towards the cost of putting in fibre to residential or company properties.  There would be no need for a reservoir should Thames Water fix all of its leaks.  Objection to the reservoir need to be made by 28 November. ACTION 6.8 Paul Gibbs to send Mike Fox-Davis and Thames Water the PC’s objections to the reservoir.  Trumpeter on 14 November had circulated information on how to object to the reservoir.  The change in the Lockinge/Wantage boundary to put the Crab Hill development outside Lockinge Parish meant that Lockinge could not benefit from S106 funding which was essential for funding a roundabout at Grove Park Drive/A417 junction. The Vale supported the scheme where neighbouring villages could also benefit from S106 funding.

Parish Councillor, Derek Morrow attended a meeting in Blewbury about reducing the speed of traffic on the A417 and Besselsleigh Road.  A householder on the A417 had had three cars written off.  The police were not monitoring speeds in the area.  There were no funds for a cycle path and roundabouts on the A417 except for one at the Crab Hill/West Lockinge turns with S106 fundng.  ACTION 6.9 Paul Gibbs (a) agreed to build the case for roundabouts particularly at Grove Park Drive and a cycle path and send it to Mike Fox-Davis to pass to Jason Sherwood and (b) acquire accident information, if necessary using Freedom of Information procedures.

Clerk’s Report. The Clerk attended of the reception by Grove PC on 12 October 2018 on behalf of the Chair.  Grove had 16 parish councillors.  Roads and gutters had been swept by OCC’s contractors in Ardington and Lockinge on 18 October. The Clerk had replaced a bulb at 6 Jubilee Cottages and reset a trip at Old School House, East Lockinge.


5.      Finance.  Parish Councillors approved at this meeting the payments already made to Charlton Environments Ltd. (£189.60 Ex 13), Lockinge Trust (Memorial Insurance £76.64, Ex 14), Caledonia Play (£897.00 Ex 15 deposit) and White Horse Horticulture for grass cutting in September and October (552.50 Ex 16).  Parish Councillors approved payments at this meeting for Clerk’s payments of £212 for both November and December by Standing Order 1, payments of the Clerk’s income tax of £53.00 (Ex 3) for both November and December,  payment of expenses to Clive Knights (See small cash book, £74.20 for petrol, LED bulbs, paper, postage and bulb for the overhead projector.) and an annual payment to householders in Ardington who supplied electricity to street lights £210.40 (Ex17).  ACTION 6.10 The Clerk to make the outstanding payments #.

6.      Planning.  All councillors supported the application P18/V2729/FUL for the temporary construction (3years) of a haul road for Crab Hill close to the West Lockinge turn on the understanding that the roads would be swept and dust controlled ACTION 6.11 The Clerk to convey this support and comment to the Vale,

7.      New Standing orders.  On a proposal by Nicola Hancock, seconded by Ronald East, the additions to the Standing Orders shown in the attachment to the agenda were approved unanimously by Parish Councillors.

8.      Data Protection.  The PC’s Data Protection Scheme was sent to Parish Councillors on 20 September 2018.

9.      Playground.  All the seats at the tables had now been repaired, the new swing was in place and the balance beam, stepping post and beam for the children’s swing were in the Clerk’s back garden ready for installation by Tom King.

10.  Items for Trumpeter and Estate News.  ACTION 6.12 The Clerk to add the regular notice about the next Parish Council meeting and the addition of the swing and repairs to the playground.  Parish Councillors also requested that Trumpeter carried an article by GARD opposing the planned reservoir at Steventon.  This article appeared in Trumpeter on 14 November 2018 via the East Hendred newsletter.  The Action has therefore been taken.


11.  Date of next meeting. 7.00 pm. Tuesday 8 January in Loyd Lindsay Rooms.

12.  Subsequent meetings: at 7.00 pm on Tuesdays in 2019 on 12 March. 14 May, 9 July, 10 September and 12 November.  ACTION 6.13 The Clerk to email these dates to Parish Councillors.


Signed as a true record,




Chair               Date: 8 January 2019.


Distribution: Ron East, Paul Gibbs, Nicola Hancock, John Hedgecock, Derek Morrow and Sir Hugh Roberts.