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Ardington & Lockinge Parish Council

Minutes 17 November 2016



MINUTES of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Loyd Lindsay Rooms, High Street, Ardington, OX12 8PS at 7.00 p.m. on Thursday, 17 November 2016.


Present:   Councillors: Stewart Belcher, John Hedgecock, Helen McAlister and Derek Morrow.

  Clerk: Clive Knights. 

  Sir Hugh Roberts.

Apologies: Ronald East, Amanda Ferguson, County Councillor, Stewart Lilly, District Councillor, Michael Murray, PCSO, Denise Clements and School Governor, Nicola Merry.


  1. There were no declarations of interest and no hospitality had been received or offered. There were no changes needed to Registers of Interests.
  2. Ardington & Lockinge Matters (Subjects raised by parish electors present.) Sir Hugh was concerned at the speed of some motorists passing through the village and a belligerent attitude of one person when signalled to slow down one afternoon.  He had cut back a bush obscuring a 30 mph sign.  ACTION 6.1 The Clerk to request a temporary speed camera for the High Street East Lockinge through our PCSO.
  3. Matters Arising from the Parish Council Meeting on 15 September 2016 and approval of the Minutes.  All of the actions had been taken.  Terry Bond had agreed to the use of his electrical supply to power a defibrillator in East Lockinge’s lower car park. This would be necessary in the event that the defibrillator could not be housed in and powered from the telephone kiosk.  The Clerk was engaged with BT Payphones and the Vale’s Planning Department to adopt the East Lockinge kiosk for the defibrillator.  Both this kiosk and the one in Ardington were scheduled for removal.  BT Payphone had been informed that the PC wish to retain the kiosk in East Lockinge but agreed to the removal of the defunct Ardington kiosk.  The Minutes of this meeting were accepted by Parish Councillors as a true record and signed by the Chair.
  4. Clerk’s Report.  The Clerk had replaced the bulb in the street light by Henrietta Knight’s white cottage and cleared branches from a street light at 61 West Lockinge.  Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils (OALC) had raised the matter of council’s preparedness for the demise or incapacity of a councillor or Clerk.  The Clerk had previously informed John Hedgecock of the password for the PC’s computer and that for the website.  All files and the computer and printer were in the Clerk’s office in his home.  ACTION 6.2 The Clerk (a) to transfer the Minutes books from the earliest in 1894 and other council material in his loft to his office, (b) seek the retention time for documents and (c) contact Christine Lisi about storing the material and possibly including it in a display.  Amanda Ferguson had sent an email letter of resignation from the PC but a signed version had not been received as of 17 November.  There would be a vacancy for a parish councillor for the Lockinge ward of Ardington and Lockinge Parish Council.  Following the correct procedures for advertising the vacancy, Sir Hugh, an East Lockinge resident, stated that he would be prepared to be co-opted.  ACTION 6.3 The Clerk to advertising the vacancy.
  5. Finance.  With invoices presented, Parish Councillors approved earlier payments made for weed spraying in the villages and the playground (Ex17 £189.60), to HMRC (Ex 3 £51.50), to the Clerk (Ex 3 £206.00 by Standing Order), for 3 street light repairs, (Ex 18 £52.50), to War Memorial insurance (Ex 19 £36.10) and to White Horse Horticulture for grass cutting (Ex 20 £445.00).  Payments were approved at this meeting against invoices to HMRC (Ex 3 £51.50)#  to the Clerk (Ex 3 £206.00)#, for electricity used in street lights in Ardington (Ex 21 £232.40)# and to WEL Medical for the defibrillator with the latest cabinet (Ex 22. £1,604.10 including VAT)#.  ACTION 6.4 The Clerk to make the payments indicated by a  #.)
  6. Playground.  Inspection reports were circulated.  Everything was in order. 
  7. Defibrillator.  The defibrillator for Ardington was delivered to Nigel Hutt at the Works Yard on Wednesday 16 November.  Alison Bowler and Nigel Hutt would be meeting on Monday, 21 November to decide its position.  ACTION 6.5 The Clerk (a) to seek to be present with Derek Morrow at this meeting and (b) put a notice on the boards about the location of the defibrillator when the decision was made. 
  8. Community Assets.  These can be listed with the District Council by a parish council.  When a listed asset comes up for sale, the Assets of Community Value Regulations provide for a delay in the sale process (moratorium). The moratorium allows local community groups to prepare and make a bid for the asset on the open market.  A parish councillor considered that this parish council could list the pub and the shop.  Other parish councillors considered that the sale of these assets by the Estate was so unlikely that these assets should not be listed with the District Council.  It was later agreed by Parish Councillors (21 November 2016) that no listing of Community Assets would be made.


  9. Items for Trumpeter.  ACTION 6.6.  The Clerk to add the regular notices about the next Parish Council meeting and the website and add an item about the defibrillator. ACTION 6.7  The Clerk to request Trumpeter to send the email newsletter to Sir Hugh Roberts and John Hedgecock.  ACTION 6.8 The Clerk to request Estate News to mention how residents can receive the monthly, email newsletter.
  10. Meeting dates. Parish Councillors agreed to its meetings being held on the second Thursday in the month.  ACTION 6.9 The Clerk to book a room at the Loyd Lindsay Rooms for the following Thursdays in 2017: 12 January, 9 March, 11 May, 13 July, 14 September and 9 November.
  11. Date of next meeting, 7.00 p.m. Thursday, 12 January 2017 in Loyd Lindsay Rooms, room 4.


Signed as a true record,




Chair               Date: 12 January 2017    Distribution: Cllrs Stewart Belcher, Ronald East, John Hedgecock, Helen McAlister and Derek Morrow.