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Ardington & Lockinge Parish Council

Minutes: January 2016



MINUTES of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in the Loyd Lindsay Rooms, High Street, Ardington, OX12 8PS at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday, 12 January 2016.

Present:  Councillors:           Stewart Belcher (Chair), Ronald East, Amanda Ferguson, John Hedgecock, Helen McAlister and Derek Morrow.

County Councillor, Stewart Lilly.  The Clerk,             Clive Knights.  .

Apologies:  District Councillor, Michael Murray, School Governor Nicola Merry and PCSO, Denise Clements.


1.   There were no declarations of interest and no hospitality had been received or offered. 

2.   Ardington and Lockinge Matters.  (Subjects raised by parish electors present.)  ACTION 1.1 The Clerk to review the continued use of 8 watt, 470 lumens LED bulbs, considered to be too weak.  Action 1.2.  The Clerk to attend to the street lights at 15A and 2 Well Street.

3.   Matters Arising from the Parish Council Meeting on 10 November 2015 and approval of the Minutes.  All the actions had been taken.  Despite a request, a deep drain near the entrance to Marndhill had not been repaired when the road nearby was repaired. The problem with the street light at 61 West Lockinge had not continued.  No surface treatment had been applied to the East Lockinge War Memorial.  ACTION 1.3 The Clerk to send Derek Morrow the email address of the stonemason who repaired the Memorial.  The Minutes of this meeting were accepted by Parish Councillors as a true record and signed by the Chair.

4.   Reports. 

County Councillor, Stewart Lilly stated that the Council needed to save an additional £20 million on top of the existing £50 million short fall.  All southern counties were affected.  The budget must not have expenditure greater than the income.  The government expects all counties to be self-financing by 2020.  OCC tax would rise to 3.99% and the Vale’s to 4.1%.  Oxfordshire and adjoining counties were seeking devolution from government control and a Unitary planning system where the county was not over-ruled by the districts.  Pye Homes at East Hendred have applied for a phase-three development of 52 houses east of East Hendred to add to the 20 and 26 house in the previous 2 phases.  The Crab Hill site was not yet owned by the developers.  They were required to build a £15 million link road before building any houses, a requirement which was also delaying development.  ACTION 1.4 The Clerk to enquire with Michael Murray, Cabinet Member for Planning Policy at the Vale, copied to Zoe Patrick, why there was no 106 money from Crab Hill?  The next meeting of the Local Transport Committee dealing with the A417 was on 19 April 2016

Derek Morrow’s Report on the A417 Meeting on 3 December 2015.  Cllr Lilly would send the Minutes shortly.  The mini-roundabouts proposed would require 30mph signs and lighting.  Between East Hendred and Featherbed Lane (300 metres) there could be a Pelican crossing for each of the 3 planning applications. ACTION 1.5 The Clerk would copy to Cllr Lilly and Parish Councillors’ correspondence on the need for a roundabout at the Grove Park Drive/A417 junction.

Clerk’s Report.  Don Harris of Faringdon had sought the opportunity to quote for cutting the Parish Council’s grass but there had been no response to the specification sent following his visit.  ACTION 1.6  The Clerk to advise Jason Woodage that his quotation had been accepted.  Spent bulbs had been replaced in 3 street lights and another light had been attended to. There were now 4 LED bulbs in use.  The Giro bank slips used to pay HMRC would be withdrawn after 5 April 2016.  Parish Councillors agreed ACTION 1.7 The Clerk should write to NatWest, a letter signed by two Parish Councillors, to set-up two monthly Standard Orders one to pay HMRC and one to pay the Clerk’s remuneration,  There were 220 properties in the two parishes paying council taxes.  The Clerk had contracted with Plusnet to provide his household with fibre broadband and the land line for £32.99/month.  The Parish Council was currently using this arrangement free of charge. ACTION 1.8 The Clerk to consider charging the PC for half of the fibre broadband charge since there were only two computers being used in the house, one of them being the PC’s. The line rental would not be included since the PC use of the telephone is trivial.  ACTION 1.6 The Clerk to explore extending his Norton antivirus contract to cover free of charge the PC’s computer.


5.   Finance.  Parish Councillors approved

a)   The provisional budget for 2016/17. (See attachment.)

b)   A precept of £6,980.

c)   Previous payments to Tom King for installation of the seesaw (£80.00 Ex 20) and cutting the playground hedge (£100.00 Ex 21), to M&A for repair of to two street lights (£116.22 Ex 22), Clerk’s remuneration for November and December (2 x £184.00 Ex 2) and tax payments to HMRC (2 x £46.00).

d) Payment at the meeting for the Clerk’s expenses of £562.07 # for a computer battery (£70.55 Ex 63), 6 LED bulbs (£50.35 Ex 64) a printer and a computer (£419.90 Ex 65 ).


ACTION 1.7 The Clerk to make the outstanding payments marked by a # sign and inform the Vale of the Precept..


6.   Website.  Adam Curtis was not willing to negotiate removal of the £90.00 support charge every year for his website design,  ACTION 1.8 The Clerk to find other suppliers.

7.   The Queen’s 90th Birthday Party weekend 11/12 June 2016.  The Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire had requested by letter that the Parish Council encourage celebrations such as street parties.  Karen Smith thought that she might well organise something.  ACTION 1.9 The Clerk to send a copy of the letter to Karen.

8.   The Clerk’s Appraisal. The Clerk had sent to all Parish Councillors a list of his duties with a request that they communicate their views on his performance to the Chair for him to coordinate.  The response was “We find his work very good in all areas mentioned in the Clerk’s specification and see no areas of weak performance.  Keep up the good work.”

9.   A1 subsidy to be cut.  ACTION 1.10 The Clerk to seek through the A1 Manager whether it is feasible that the users of the A1 service, even though they have a bus pass, pay per trip to compensate for the loss of the subsidy and to maintain the service.  ACTION 1.11  The Clerk to circulate councillors with a draft proposal.

10. Playground.  The hedge had been cut and the seesaw reassembled.  A seat around a table was being repaired.  A red bar had been repainted.  Everything else was in order.

11. Items for Trumpeter.  ACTION 1.12  The Clerk to draft an item on the A1, for prior approval by councillors, and add the regular notice about the next Parish Counc.il meeting.

12. Date of next meeting, 7.00 p.m. Tuesday,15 March 2016 in Loyd Lindsay Rooms, room 4,


Signed as a true record,




Chair               Date: 15 March 2016.        Distribution  Cllrs Stewart Belcher, Ronald East, Amanda Ferguson, John Hedgecock, Helen McAlister and Derek Morrow.