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Aslockton Parish Council

Rushcliffe Local Plan

By Clerk Mrs M Sharratt Aslockton Parish Council

Monday, 20 March 2017


Aslockton Parish Council Contributor


Rushcliffe Borough Council are consulting on Local Plan Part 2: Land and Planning Policies (Further Options); the Draft Green Belt Review (2b) and the Community Infrastructure Levy. The deadline for comments on these is the 31st March 2017. Go to www.rushcliffe.gov.uk for more detail and how to comment.


What is the Local Plan Part 2?

Local Plan Part 2: Land and Planning Policies Document (LAPP) will set out the non-strategic development allocations and a number of detailed policies for managing new development, following on from the strategic framework set out in the Core Strategy (Local Plan Part 1). When adopted, both documents will constitute the statutory development plan for the whole of the Borough and will replace all former Local Plans. Local Plan Part 2 will run to 2028 to align with the plan period of the Core Strategy.

It is calculated that, by April 2019, the shortfall in land needed for housing development could lead to around 900 fewer homes being built than is required over the subsequent five years (2019 to 2024), unless action is taken through Local Plan Part 2 to fix this situation. When Rushcliffe consulted on the Issues and Options document early last year it had been expected that Local Plan Part 2 would only need to identify enough land for around 1,100 new homes in total. It is now expected that the Plan may need to identify enough land for around 2,000 new homes in total. 

The consultation includes a specific question about Aslockton:

Question 16: Do you agree that, apart from the site to the south of Abbey Road,Aslockton with planning permission for up to 75 new homes, Local Plan Part 2 should not allocate greenfield land for housing development at Aslockton and Whatton in the plan period (up to 2028)?


To comment on the consultation visit the http://www.rushcliffe.gov.uk/planningpolicy/ and Download the Local Plan Par 2 Final Options - this needs to be read before filling in the response form.

Then follow instructions under " How to Comment"

Please contact the Parish Council if you need any assistance.


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