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Founded 6 years ago, ASR Elites F.C. was established with the sole aim of engaging young people with constant behaviour and anger issues. It was football that actually lead young people away from lives embroiled with anger and disruption and enabled them to release their emotions on the pitch, through the essence of football, rather than off it. A voluntary organisation, ASR Elites F.C. has probably been the hardest project initiated under the ASR banner, as no one actually believed in the work they did – businesses, organisations and funders found it excruciatingly difficult to understand the change that they wanted to make in the lives of these young people. This year has been quite successful for ASR Elites F.C. Currently; ASR has 3 football teams, with a total of 70 players. They engage – on average, around 60 players twice a week through training. As a result of this, they have contact with players 6240 times a year. Since then, ASR has been able to steer 10 volunteers into paths of becoming fully qualified coaches for the respective teams. Each volunteer commits at least 12 hours a week, that is an amazing total of 480 hours collectively a month and a grand total of 5760 voluntary hours per year. The teams have won various awards, the majority of their players have used ASR as a platform to excel in their studies, and more businesses and local organisations are starting to see the impact that the teams are making to the lives of young people. This year was truly exceptional for the project, as it saw the appointment of their very first patron, the director of Luton Town F.C., David Blakeman. Throughout the years, ASR Elites F.C. has grown to be the only football organisation for young people in Luton, as it allows them to use the platform of ASR as a stepping stone to step over the threshold of sports and as a result support them and steer them into the lanes of becoming mature adults.