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Baddesley Ensor Parish Council

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Privacy Policy 

The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 says that the information provided to people about how we process their personal data must be concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible, written in clear and plain language, particularly if addressed to a child and free of charge. Baddesley Ensor Parish Council sets out procedures below to comply with The Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

Baddesley Ensor Parish Council staff and Councillors must ensure that when dealing with personal data: 

It is processed fairly, lawful, specific and relevant purposes and relevant to what it is needed for also it is accurate and kept up to date.

Any information should only be collected from individuals if staff and Councillors have been open and honest about why they want the information and that too much or too little data is not kept. It should be accurate and kept up to date and not stored any longer than is required. Individuals have the right to request any information about them which is stored in digital or paper format. 

Security of data:

Only councillors and staff can have access to the data which should be stored securely.

Baddesley Ensor Parish Council may hold information about individuals such as their addresses and telephone numbers. These are kept in a secure location at the Parish Clerk’s place of residence and are not available for the public to access. All data stored on a computer is password protected. Once data is not needed anymore, if it is out of date or has served its use, it will be shredded or deleted from the computer.

The Parish Council is aware that people have the right to access any information that is held about them. If a person requests to see any data that is being held about them: 

All information held must be sent along with explanation why it was held and who has had access to the information. All to be provided within one month.

If it is found that requests are unfounded or create a great deal of work a charge can be made or request refused and if it is refused a full explanation is to be given. All information regarding an individual should be deleted or rectified if it is requested.


Disclosure of information:

If an elected member of the council needs to access information to help carry out their duties they are allowed to access as much information as is required for that specific purpose. They can only do this providing they represent the area that the subject lives in. If information is of a sensitive nature and access is required, they would need consent from the Parish Clerk. Data is not to be used for political purposes unless the person who date is held gives consent. 





Baddesley Ensor Parish Council staff will treat queries and complaints as confidential unless permission has been given. Personal data also remains confidential. If a data breach is identified the ICO must be informed and an investigation will be conducted. This policy to be reviewed annually, as well as an annual review of the compliance and effectiveness of the policy.