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NEW Sunday Pro forma

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If you intend to lead a walk, please complete this Online Form, hit Submit and it will be emailed to the Sunday Walks Co-ordinator via team@hugofox.

* Indicates Mandatory Field.

[By entering your email address in the space provided on the form you will also receive a receipt email.
Your confirmation email will be from, our provider.]

Sunday Walks Entry

[Leave Title] – Please enter, at least your First Name. [Your Last Name is not a necessity, but always useful.]

Please include your Phone No. for your Walks Co-Ordinator to include in the Walks Programme.

Your Phone No. may also be useful for fellow Walkers to contact you in case they are delayed when travelling to the Meeting Place.

Please include your Email Address, so the Walks Co-Ordinator knows who the Walks Entry is from.

Note that the programme will say that walks are expected to include stiles, hills and will be muddy after rain, so only comment if circumstances may be exceptional or no stiles or hills. Say if pace to be brisk or leisurely otherwise assumed to be normal pace.

Refreshments and Food: *

Advice regarding Car Parking: *

If new to "what3words" click on the link above, then when the site opens paste the 3 word location code into the search area. Click on Navigate and it will give you a choice of directional maps that are available, e.g., Google Maps; Waze; etc. Right click on the destination Pin and it will also give you the Satellite Co-ordinates (if your SatNav has this facility).

Please click on this link if you want a reminder of the Guidance for Walk Leaders – [updated May 2022].