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Basingstoke Voluntary Sports Council

Related Data

Energise Me presented the Physical Activity Insight presentation relating to Basingstoke & Deane at the xxxxx 2018 Sports & Physical Activity Alliance to provide an insight into latest known trends relating to the Vision for 2017-2021.

Overall, Basingstoke & Deane appear to have overall performed ok although always room for for improvement. 

Beat inactivity.  We want everyone to feel they can be active, on their own terms; knowing they will be supported as individuals, considering their own physical and mental wellbeing needs.

We aim to do this by:

  • Accelerating the reduction of inactivity amongst adults
  • Reversing the rising trend of inactivity amongst females
  • Narrowing the gap in levels of inactivity between those adults with a long-term health condition and those without
  • Improving levels of physical activity among children and young people

Currently 1 in 5 adults in our area are inactive;   More than than 1 in 4 females are inactive in Basingstoke and Deane (27.9%). This is a worse than England (26.7%) and Energise Me (26.2%). Basingstoke and Deane are ranked 5th among their nearest neighbours in terms of the size of the proportion of inactive females;    This suggests that there are over 19,000 inactive females in Basingstoke and Deane. Positively, the trend data suggests this number is decreasing;   There still appears to be a significant inequality between the proportion of males (21.6%) and females (27.9%) that are inactive.

Within the Basingstoke and Deane population there is additional concern for the following groups though the physical activity behaviour data for those in lower social grades is lacking;       Adults aged 35-54 – While the proportion of inactive people in this age group is considerably better than England and Energise Me and nearest neighbours, the proportion of active is worse meaning Basingstoke and Deane has a very large proportion of fairly active in comparison. What happens to the data for this group in future years will be worth keeping an eye on;        Adults aged 55-74 – This group of the population is projected to grow over the coming years and currently has higher proportions of inactive people than England and Energise Me area and nearest neighbours


% of people doing the equivalent of 30 mins of sport and physical activity at least twice in 28 days

Duration of activity: Bouts of at least 10mins of at least moderate intensity adding to total of 60 mins

Higher is better

Demand for fitness and gym activities appears similar to  England, Energise Me and 3rd out of 6 when compared to nearest neighbours

Active travel compares similarly to England, Energise Me and nearest neighbours although cycling for travel is slightly lower than national

Demand for running, swimming and racket sports appears high in comparison to England, Energise Me and nearest neighbours

There appears to be an increasing trend for running

There is a declining trend for adult indoor swimming and it is declining slightly faster than nationally and across Energise Me

There appears to be a declining trend in adults cycling in Basingstoke, nationally and across Energise Me with Basingstoke declining faster


Checkout the report !