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Basingstoke Voluntary Sports Council

Service to Sport

Recognise those who serve local sport -

Do you have people within your league, club or sports organisation who work exceptionally hard to ensure the club and sport is successful each year? The service to sport award goes someway to recognise the achievements of those people involved in local sports clubs on a longstanding basis. These are people who have made an outstanding contribution to local sport, made significant impact to a club, local community, organisation or school and perhaps shown commitment to personal development and supporting the development of others. The various people behind the scenes at any league or sports club are those who make the sport run smoothly and are often forgotten. 

Previous winners of the Service to Sport Award -

2017 - Carol Chandler (Ice Hockey), 2016 - Miranda Smith (Hockey), 2015 - David Watton (Hockey), 2014 - Len Dunce (Judo), 2013 - Brian Donegan, (Gymnastics), 2012 - Paul Temple (Gymnastics), 2011 - John Evans (Rugby), 2010 - Diane Cooper (Badminton), 2009 - Doug Hitchcock (Cycling), 2008 - Steve Tristram (Rugby), 2007 - Cyril Thompson (Cricket), 2006 - Ian Byett (Athletics), 2005 - Chris Evans (Sports Trust), 2004 - Gerald Merritt (Senior Football), 2003 - Trevor Shanks (Badminton), 2002 - Colin Dew (Swimming), 2001 - Anna Fearnley (Netball), 2000 - Reg Eade (Athletics), 1999 - John Ward (Senior Football), 1998 - Joan Cole (Tennis), 1997 - Sue & MIke Lambert (Swimming), 1996 - Peter Raynbird (Senior Football), 1995 - Villiams Krauklis (Athletics), 1994 - Geoff Goddard (Athletics)

Five excellent nominations are now in for this years award with many others in the Basingstoke sporting community are of course worthy of recognition by their clubs.

Julie Creelie (Gymnastics)

Julie has 24 years involvement with Basingstoke Gymnastics Club, and has been a great asset to the club by introducing, and starting off, many of the clubs elite superstar’s gymnastics careers.  Julie plays an important role within the club, filling young gymnasts with excitement, fun and life-long skills so they come away from their experience with a twinkle in their eye.  Julie volunteers her services in all club events to make sure young people have memorable opportunities with Basingstoke Gymnastic Club. Julie has also mentored coaches over the years who have gone on to become successful and enthusiastic coaches themselves.  She is always willing to support others, when needed, and is happy to get involved with extra activities or events.   Julie also set up the Baby Gym section which has grown incredibly, and supports new mums in child development and first steps.

Pete Diamond (Aldworth Arrows - Basketball)

Pete devotes most of his spare time to promoting the game of basketball and trying to give women and girls the opportunity to play at all levels.  He founded the club nearly 40 years ago and also set up the twinning tournament with Brains L’Alleud, Belgium which has been running since 1996 and his team has won the County Cup at all age groups many times.  The team has recently won the Wessex Division 2 league with the Darts team and the Arrows team were in the final of the division 2 playoffs.  Pete has teams at under 14, 15 and 16 years and he also coached 11 Aldworth girls to go on and play for England, with one of the girls getting a bronze medal at the Commonwealth games in 2006.

Stewart Tempest (Ice Hockey)

Stewart has over 28 years’ experience in the running of an ice rink and ice hockey.  Stewart attends club training twice a week and never has time off.  He is also adding his vast knowledge to help maintain the club and is always spending his own money for training aids, new goals, storage equipment, pucks etc.  He has a great relationship with the coaches, kids and parents, and they can always approach him for advice at any time of the day and night.  He dedicates most of his time to making sure the club has everything it needs to run smoothly all voluntarily.  Stewart’s knowledge of the sport is exceptional as is his ability to bring new talent into the club and the Basingstoke Ice Hockey Development Club would not run without Stewart being there.

Frankie Tierney (Hockey)

Over the years, Frankie has been a player, captain, umpire, committee official and Vice President, and has also achieved umpiring and playing recognition at county and regional level. She selflessly continues to pledge time and talents to the associated organising committees for the betterment of others and the sport as a whole.  Frankie is a role model in the sport, and is revered at Basingstoke hockey club as a player and a senior member of position. She continues to promote and encourage players to continue their playing careers as Masters and willingly shares her umpiring knowledge and expertise, developing others to realise their potential. Frankie positively influences players around her both on and off the pitch, offering encouragement through mentoring and direction through coaching.

Jackie Tobin (Athletics)

Jackie is an enthusiastic official, volunteer, mentor and supporter of all things athletics, having been a committee member and track judge for around 20 years.  She is an important ambassador for the club and has been instrumental in securing funds.  Jackie has a pivotal role in the management of the club and is one of their most experienced and well-qualified track officials and referees, respected at the highest levels within British Athletics.  Throughout the summer she officiates almost every weekend, either at international, national, regional or local athletics competitions and is also the Men’s Section representative on the committee. She is a very supportive mentor to new officials and ensures that those new to their role are able to ask questions and try out different roles when there are others around to advise and support them.

Four previous winners of this award are shown below -