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Battle Town Council


Memorials and vases are only allowed on graves where an interment (body or cremated remains) has taken place. Permission must be obtained from the Council before any vase is placed or any memorial is erected or any inscription or ornamentation is incorporated on a proposed or existing memorial. 

Memorials must be constructed of good quality materials (plastic is not permitted). Only wooden memorials, supplied by the Council, are allowed in the Natural Burial Area.

The following memorials should be ordered directly from the Council:

Plaques for the Ashes Strewing Memorial Post in the Lower Cemetery.

Trees and Plaques for the limited number of ashes interment plots in the Lower Cemetery

Wooden Plaques and Memorials to mark graves and ashes plots in the Natural Burial Area

Memorial Benches of various sizes

Please contact Jane de Garston (T) Deputy Town Clerk The Almonry, High Street, Battle TN33 0EA,    tel 01424 772210    janedegarston@battletowncouncil.gov.uk