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Councillors' Details


Cllr. Mrs Chris Bates   07718 597160     

Cllr. Keith Burgin (Chair) 07970 740922  

Cllr. David Hammock 01322 383792

Cllr. Keith Impiazzi 01474 702911  

Cllr. Mrs Anna Munday (Vice Chair) 01474 708044

Cllr. Mrs Sally Weeks   01474-832806

Cllr. Duncan Wood  01474 706678

Bean forms part of the Borough Ward of Bean and Village Park and our Borough Councillor is

Councillor Dave Hammock (  Telephone 01322 383792)

Bean forms part of County Council Ward of Dartford Rural and our County Councillor is

Councillor Jeremy Kite (  Telephone 01474 707380)