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Councillors' Details


Cllr. Mrs Chris Bates   07718 597160  spiritsrest@icloud.com     

Cllr. Keith Burgin (Chair) 07970 740922 Keith.Burgin@beanparishcouncil.uk  

Cllr. David Hammock 01322 383792  Dave.Hammock@beanparishcouncil.uk

Cllr. Keith Impiazzi 01474 702911 keith.impiazzi@beanparishcouncil.uk  

Cllr. Mrs Anna Munday (Vice Chair) 01474 708044 Anna.Munday@beanparishcouncil.uk

Cllr. Mrs Sally Weeks   01474-832806  Sally.Weeks@beanparishcouncil.uk

Cllr. Duncan Wood  01474 706678   Duncan.Wood@beanparishcouncil.uk

Bean forms part of the Borough Ward of Bean and Village Park and our Borough Councillor is

Councillor Dave Hammock (david.hammock@dartford.gov.uk  Telephone 01322 383792)

Bean forms part of County Council Ward of Dartford Rural and our County Councillor is

Councillor Jeremy Kite (jeremy.kite@kent.gov.uk  Telephone 01474 707380)