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Bedfordshire FA Referees


Referees perform a vital role in the game, and with the growth in the popularity of football, particularly for women and children, the demand for match officials is increasing throughout the majority of the country. In Bedfordshire, we are fortunate to have a very high coverage of matches and the demand for match officials, is not as high as other parts of the country.

The Football Association estimates that in some areas of the country, 20 per cent of games are played without a qualified match official. Their goal is to ensure that, in future, every game has a qualified official who is receiving regular training and support from an FA mentor program and helpline. In Bedfordshire we have a very high level of coverage across all adult and youth matches but to ensure that this is achieved year on year, we have to work to improve retention of current referees and transition of level 9 referees to level 7/8.

The first stage involved in becoming a referee is to register with Bedfordshire FA and the second stage is to attend a Basic Referees Course.  Please note that all potential referees will have to have a DBS check and attend a Safeguarding Children Workshop.