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Reports - Brentwood

Monday 15th August - away to Hutton Pops - lost 4-5 , 58-60

Dull, dark evening, one rain shower, the usual very slow green - a very close result.

Ron, John Friend, Brian (skip) ahead throughout with Ron handling short jacks well and the team always getting something in the head when needed - a good 15-10 win.

Steve , Jim and Graham in a game with big score swings and with 17 all as the 18th approached, well done to a first one shot win on the last end - 18-17

Dave, Winston and Terry (skip) won 6 ends and lost 12-18

Ian,Mel and Mark in a see-saw scoring game were 12-9 ahead after 12 ends but slipped and only scored once more to lose 13-15


Monday 8th August Home v Liberty - 7-2 points win, 87-56 in shots

A comfortable win on three rinks, wonderful weather and an excellent result.

Steve, Tony and skip Graham in second place throughout, losing 15-19

Ron, John Friend and skip Brian off to a great start and  19-0 at half way. The opposition rallied but we went on to win 23-13

David Aggio, Winston and Mark Willsmer had a huge run or 12 winning ends mid match, finally winning 24-11

Jim, Ian and skip Rex always ahead and winning 25-13


Monday 1st August Away v Upminster  - no report


Monday 25th July - Home v Clockhouse, 5-4 league points (66-62 shots)

John Jones, John Friend and Graham (skip) 10 all on 13 but no more scores to lose 10-17

Ian, Tony and Jim struggled loosing 10-20

Dave, Winston and Terry had a big lead of 13-1 at 8 ends and held on for a 20-14 win

Steve , Ron and Mark with some high scoring ends won well -24-11


Monday 18th July, Ingatestone Away - no report



Monday 11th July, Home v Rainham , lost 2-7

Lovely evening, but loosing overall by 9 shots and only winning on one rink - the visitors seemingly doing better than us in the second half of the match.  Good food, mainly organised by John, and a nice social atmosphere.

Winston , Mel and skip Gary were ahead 10-8 at 11 ends but then lipped away to a 11-18 loss

Steve, Tony and Graham  9-4 ahead after 9 ends but after dropping a 4 and a 6 , were also defeated  13-20

John Jones, Jim and Terry were behind until the 13th  end, then it looked good, keeping their opponents to only one score in the last  six ends - unfortunately this was a dropped 5 on the penultimate and we ended up losing by 1 shot, 17-18

Ron, John Friend and skip Brian had a close game, 9 all at 11 ends, but gaining a 4 on the 15th made a huge difference and we ran out winners by 6 shots - the score 18-12


Monday 27th June v Hutton Poplars , home, lost 4-5 (57-59 shots)

Blustery, changeable weather, green slowed by afternoon downfall, late team changes, thanks for David A's late subbing.

Winston, Mel and skip Gary were behind until the 11th end then stormed away to win 17-13

Steve, Tony and skip Graham dropped a 5 on the 4th end but got back level by the 9th.  Pretty close after that but HP were always a little ahead, so we lost 14-18

Ian, John and Brian well adrift by half way 4-10 down but fighting back and the 17th proved crucial with us holding 1 for the opponents skip to ditch the jack with his last wood for a 3 shot gain.  We lost 12-16 and hence the overall score by just two shots. 

Ron, David Aggio and Terry also struggling behind at half way but a 4 on the 11th was decisive and with Terry on top form, a win 14-12


Monday 20th June, v Liberty , away, lost 2-7 (64-66)

Very hot evening, little green grass, brown patches, Winston arriving late with the match cards and I heard the sad news that the black club cat has passed away after a decade of entertaining bowlers on the green and in the bar - I was honoured for him to sleep on my lap once!  After match food was excellent but our bowlers just missed out with one shot losses on two rinks.

Sub Mike Sevior, Dave Goodall and skip Terry were 10-9 up at the 12th end but then dropping a 6 led to a 14-23 defeat.

Winston, Mel and Gary always behind, caught up towards the end only to loose on the last end - 13-14

Ron, Tony and Graham always slightly behind in a tight match but not quite making it - loosing 16-17

Steve, Ian and skip Brian  playing against the opposition captain Richard Strauss were always in charge, and with good teamwork won 21-12

Report by sub captain of the day Brian


‚ÄčMonday 13th June .v. Upminster   Home    WON 6-3  (67shots to 68)

I was resigned to another defeat halfway through this match but two of our triples dug deep and turned the game around to give us our first win of the season following two away losses.

Firstly Terry Cannon's triple (Mel Terry and David Goodall) came back from being 2-14 down after seven ends to triumph 18-17 and Graham Brooker's (Steve Nicholls and Tony Dalton) likewise 2-10 down after seven pulled back to win 21-15 and included two five shot winning ends. Well done  to both. Excellent.

Brian Hyland with Ian Burridge and John Friend were always leading and in control but despite dropping four shots on the penultimate end won by 14-12.

Gary Kendall's triple ( Ron Kreamer and Winston Lansiquot) had a bad start to be thirteen shots down after ten ends but steadied the ship to lose 12-14.



Monday 6th June  .v. Clockhouse    Away   Lost 2-7  (57 shots to 70)

This away match was always going to be difficult against last year's relegated club who have won all of their four matches this season. The green was pushy and we struggled on the long jacks.

Terry Cannon's triple (Mel Terry and Dave Goodall) were our only winners. They were always a few shots in front and finished strongly to win 16-12. A fine performance.

Garry Kendall's triple (Winston Lansiquot and Dave Aggio) were a shade unlucky. From leading 14-6 after nine ends they then lost  the next seven to be 14-16 down with two to play.  They won the next by two shots to level the match into the last. David had two perfect woods but unfortunately moved the jack a few inches to a Clockhouse wood with his last.

Graham Brooker's team (Ron Kreamer and Tony Dalton) gained a four on the second end but only won one of the next nine to be 6-15 down. They won five of the last seven ends but the deficit was too difficult to claw back and they lost 13-20.

Brian Hyland's triple (Steve Nicholls and John Friend) were 4-13 down after seven ends but matched their opponents over the remainder of the game going down 12-21.



Monday 16th May .v. Rainham    Away      Lost 2-7 (67shots to 75)                                                                                                                M. Terry, D. Goodall.], T. Cannon       21-15   

 Level 9-9 after 10 ends then only one shot down with three to play then a 5 and a 3 secured our only victory                             

R.Kreamer, T.Dalton, G.Brooker        18-22 

Dropped a 5 but recovered with a 6 on the next end to go two up but only won one of the next eight ends                                                 

W.Lansiquot, D.Palmer, G.Kendall     14-18 

 Ten down after nine ends but pulled back well to be only two behind with two ends to play but did not quite make it.                       

I.Burridge, J Friend, B.Hyland            14-20 

Dropped a 4 on the eighth but won them back on the next end to level the scores but dropped a 5 on the fifteenth to lose a closely fought match   




Monday 23rd May  .v. Ingatestone    Home  

Match postponed - waterlogged green