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Bowls Big Weekend 2022 - 27th - 29th May

By Steve Bacon Birstall Bowling Club

Wednesday, 4 May 2022


Birstall Bowling Club Contributor


Details are now up on our home page and a poster will soon be up in the Clubhouse.

The more people we can get to the sessions the better it will be. So if you have friends, neighbours or relatives that would like to try it - please invite them.

Help is required during the opening times and whatever time you can provide it will be greatly appreciated.

There are many roles that you can help with:

  • setting up the green
  • welcoming visitors
  • helping with registration
  • sourcing bowls to suit the individual
  • showing the visitor how to hold the bowl & deliver it smoothly
  • collecting the Bowls
  • helping with refreshments
  • making sure the visitor leaves with a positive impression & has our clubs contact details
  • clearing the green

This list is not exhaustive

The main priorites of the event are:

  1. to ensure everyone has a go
  2. that they enjoy it
  3. they know how to get in contact when they want start bowling - this may be at some point in the future
  4. encouragement to come to the events follow up sessions
  5. membership will only be discussed if they instigate the discussion orn after their 4 follow up sessions.

If anyone has any questions please speak with the BBW team - Steve Bacon, Di Hartop, Cynthia Chapman or John Boden

Many thanks


Contact Information

Steve Bacon

  • 0116 2602573
  • 07870 327568

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