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Bishopstoke Parish Council

Working Groups & Appointments

The Council can appoint working groups to take responsibility for different areas of its responsibilities. They are free to have non-Councillors as members if needed. The current working groups appointed by Bishopstoke Parish Council are listed below, along with a brief description of their role.

Carnival Working Group

The Group meets monthly throughout the year and then twice a month in the Summer leading up to Carnival. The Committee includes Councillors and residents who are willing to help. New volunteers are always welcome, and can find out more by emailing the Clerk or phoning the Parish Office (02380 643428).

Current Councillor members are Cllr Winstanley and Cllr Brown.

Communications and Engagement Working Group

The Committee was newly created in 2016 and has taken over and expanded the work of the Social Media Working Group. It meets as necessary, and has a wider role than before, discussing the Parish Newsletter, the website, Facebook page, and other ways of engaging with residents. It reports to the Finance & General Purposes Committee.

Members are Cllrs Francis, Tidridge and Winstanley.

Cemetery Working Group

Newly created in the Summer of 2016, the Cemetery Working Group advises the Council on matters relating to both the Old Cemetery and the New, including approving the level of fees for each year It reports to the Finance & General Purposes Committee.

The Committee has visited Bishopstoke Cemetery, St Mary's Churchyard, and the Old Churchyard, and is now examining the issues that have been raised by these visits.

Members of the Working Group are Cllrs Parker-Jones, Brown, Dean, Moore and Toher.

Travel Token Working Group

The Committee meets as necessary through the year to discuss any issues with the Parish Council provision of Travel Tokens, and to decide how many to distribute each year. It reports to the Finance & General Purposes Committee.

Members are Cllrs Toher (who is the lead Councillor), Dean, Moore, Parker-Jones and Thornton.

To apply for Travel Tokens, please either email the Clerk, phone the Parish Office (02380 643428), or download the application form or the renewal form and send it in to the Office.

Neighbourhood Plan

Progress on the Neighbourhood plan is being led by Cllr Toher, who is being assisted by Cllrs Dean and Tidridge.

Currently the Group is finalising a questionnaire that will be sent to every household in Bishopstoke to find out what issues are most important to our residents.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Working Group is responsible for all staff appointed by the Council, as well as advising on pay levels and hours worked. The Group is made up of the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council, along with the Chairs of Planning and Finance & General Resources. Current members are Councillors Toher, Tidridge and Greenwood, with the Chair of Finance & General Purposes being appointed in June.

Community Buildings

As the Council considers whether to take over the running of the Bishopstoke Memorial Hall and the Bishopstoke Community Centre, a working group has been set up to look at all the information and make recommendations to the Council. The Group includes Councillors Winstanley, Toher Tidridge and Greenwood.

Standing Orders

The Council is required to evaluate its Standing Orders and Financial Regulations at least once every year. This has led to the creation of a working group that will meet from the beginning of July to thoroughly examine the Standing Orders and ensure that they reflect the law, current best practice, and the common practice of the Council. The group will report to the Full Council in September each year. Current members are Councillors Winstanley, Greenwood, Parker-Jones and Thornton.

Other Appointments

There are various other roles undertaken by Councillors on behalf of Bishopstoke Parish Council.

Road Safety, Highways and Passenger Transport Forum:  Cllr Thornton

Eastleigh District Association of Parish and Town Councils (EDAPTC):  Cllrs Toher and Tidridge (as Chair and Vice-Chair)

Bishopstoke Memorial Hall:  Cllr Dean (Cllrs Toher and Winstanley also attend meetings by virtue of non-Parish Council roles)

Bishopstoke Community Association:  Cllr Thornton (Cllr Winstanley also attends meetings by virtue of a non-Parish Council role)

Parish Council / Borough Liaison Group:  Cllrs Toher and Tidridge (as Chair and Vice-Chair)

Airport Consultative Committee:  Cllr Toher is the main contact for this, with Cllr Moore as deputy

Bishopstoke Parochial Charities:  Cllr Winstanley

CPRE:  Cllr Tidridge

Public Art (CEMEX & The Mount):  Cllr Winstanley