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Bishopstoke Parish Council

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee usually meets on both the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month, before either the Finance & General Purposes Committee or the Full Council.  In June the meetings are usually on the first and third Tuesdays. The Parish Council is notified of every planning application that is made within the Parish, but although the Committee can object to an application, it does not have the power to turn any down. Applications are considered at the planning meetings, and the Committee informs the Borough Council of any issues it sees with any of the applications, which the Borough will then take into account when it makes its decisions. The Committee usually only meets once each in May, August and December.

The Committee is appointed at the AGM in May and sits for the following 12 months

The Committee members, with their attendance at meetings since the AGM, are currently: Cllr Greenwood (Chair) (16 of 18 meetings), Cllr Brown (Vice-Chair) (16), Cllrs Dean (17), Francis (14), Thornton  (13), Tidridge (16) and Toher (16)

The next meeting will now be on Tuesday April 24th at 7pm, with the Parish Office doors opening from 6:45pm to allow viewing of the planning applications. The agenda is available here, and the previous minutes (draft) are here.