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Bleasby Parish Council

Other Documents

Councillor Code of Conduct Councillor-Code-of-Conduct.pdf 126.1 KB Dignity at Work Policy 2018-Dignity-at-work-policy.pdf 225.7 KB Reserves Policy 2018-Reserves-Policy.pdf 63.5 KB General Privacy Notice 2018-05-14-Privacy-Notice.pdf 54.5 KB Email Contact Privacy Notice 2018-05-14-Email-Contact-Privacy-Notice.pdf 54.4 KB Data Protection Policy 2018-05-14--Data-Protection-Policy.pdf 56.7 KB Publication Scheme Bleasby-Publication-Scheme--Adopted-11.01.2016.pdf 100.5 KB Co-Option Policy and Application - Word BPC-Co-Option-Policy-2017-11-13.docx 35.6 KB Co-Option Policy and Application - PDF BPC-Co-Option-Policy-2017-11-13.pdf 621.3 KB 2018 Standing Orders 2018-Bleasby--Standing-Orders-.pdf 201 KB 2018-19 budget as approved 2018-19--budget-as-approved-BPC-18-483---final.pdf 149.8 KB Financial Regulations Financial-Regs-2018.pdf 248.9 KB Vexatious and Abusive Correspondence Policy Vexatious-and-Abusive-Correspondence-Policy---2018.pdf 117.3 KB Dignity at work policy 2018-Dignity-at-work-policy.pdf 225.7 KB Chairman's report Defibrillator December 2015 Defibrillator.pdf 121.9 KB Chairman's report Flooding and Emergency Planning December 2015 Flooding-and-Emergency-Planning001.pdf 703.8 KB Joint Usage Discussion%20Issues%20relating%20to%20the%20Joint%20Usages.pdf 703.8 Bytes Glebe Field Conditions of Use Conditions-and-regulations-for-usage-of-the-Glebe-Field---updated-2013.docx 13.8 KB Glebe Field Application Glebe-Application.docx 17.9 KB 2016 Annual Parish Meeting Report Chair's-report.docx 21.4 KB Budget 2017-18 Budget-2017-18.pdf 146.2 KB Members Interests Members-interests-2016-17.pdf 7.5 MB Consent to hold contact information 2018-05-14-GDPR-Consent-to-hold-Contact-Information.pdf 137 KB Complaints procedure Complaints%20Procedure.pdf 9.5 KB